“Sheffield United will be firing on all cylinders to get promotion done”

“I saw some of the Sheff U Vs Cardiff game earlier, if we play like today with more composure and a little more cutting edge, we can get something up there and piss on their Parade. Which would be nice.”

” SU looked very ordinary against Cardiff. Not the first time this season I’ve seen them and thought they are over-achieving. On this evidence, I would fancy us to give them something to think about.”

“I have even seen a few comments from their own fans expressing surprise at their league position.”

“Already outplayed Sheff Utd once this season. Just need todo it again without losing this time. “

“they were shite at the gate , thought we absolutely bossed the game ,
both managers thought so aswell .
they are the championship bullies but get away with it”

“Sheff Utd look like just boot and run.”

“Boot the player and run?”

“If they had had as many yellow and red cards as the average team gets they would have struggled for players.”

“Are some of the United players immune from punishment? Norwood follows through after a tackle in a possible knee breaking crunch againt Burnley. Again not even a booking.. McBurnie also gets away with alot.”

“Norwood and McBurnie get away with it most weeks!”

“Norwood is a horrible player”

“I’d start Scott and Naismith from the start because if those three get kicked they will give the Sheffield United lads a bit back.”

“I cant see Alex v Sheffield United who are much more physical then Watford”

“To say that Sheffield are a physical side is putting it politely”

“They’ve some good ball players. But a lot of whacking it out of defence. They didn’t impress me for a team in second. “

“SU are a win-ugly, grind out results sort of team who often rely pretty heavily on a strong element of physicality to get them through games. If they finish second and go up, fair play to them, but I can’t say I’d relish watching them every week.”

“whenever I’ve seen them I’ve thought how on earth are they where they are(?) it just goes to show pretty/fast football isn’t the be all and end all. “

“They have undoubtedly found a way of getting good results but that’s the kindest thing you can say.”

“Take away their Man City loanees and it would be worse. Chris Basham is a big miss for them”

“They don’t play the best style but they are effective for sure hence why they are going up.”

“They are 2nd in the league. They are far from ordinary.”

“You don’t get away with it over a 46 game season.”

” I would like them to f up auto promotion (just because it would be funny – I dont hate them).”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Bristol City”
  1. Looking at United we battle. Cardif was dirty in places we fight for ever all and if you can not cope with that then more you. We will get pramotion that’s for sure a stuff all you none beleavers on wards and up wards we are blades

  2. Bitterness from the bumpkin footballing outpost. Just like wendies,in the shadow of your neighbours😂😂😂 who at the same time we’re beating you,will be confining the unclean to the playoffs,great innit

  3. Bristol City are a very decent side, their league position doesn’t do them justice. That being said I don’t get the ‘boot and run’ comment, we do what we have to do and at this time of the season and the position we are in, the result is all important. We, as every other club do, play to our strengths and it works well. The comments from Bristol smell of envy and it would be nice to get another 3pts against them. For me there is no surprise we are in the top two, over the season we have more than deserved it.

  4. Sad bitter comments from the eternal mid table Joe Average team
    Shame I like the city of Bristol

  5. It’s remarkable how our ordinary side keeps winning and staying in second place. The reason is we’re better than most
    supporters realize.

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