“Awful awful player has been caught out all afternoon.
Leave him on the M1 on the way home.
What wrong with Josh Thompson.
No show from any of our players today bar fonners and Danny. Surprise surprise.
McGahey though is c**p”

“Agreed he is a big donkey him and dugdale Jesus Christ we are fcking awful.”

“Is it fair to judge the lad after being thrown in to a new side a couple of days after signing. I thought he had been brought in as cover for Danny, but Danny played. Question is more about why was he put into the starting line up so soon after joining us.”

“No pace at all. Their strikers played off his shoulder comfortably all afternoon.”

“McGahey’s first appearance made Lairds debut horrorshow look merely ‘below par’…”

“McGahey to the bench next week”

“He was absolutely hopeless today! At fault for the 2nd goal for sure”

“He made a mistake that cost Tranmere the second, but it is only one game and maybe he will get better, but in relation to the other players, he wasn’t being helped to have a good game in all honesty, when hie teammates played well enough, (insert sarcasm here), to create 1 shot in the first half.”

By Roy

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