“Let me know when he goes, I will give him a piggy back to the south yorks club.”

“Good luck for the future Steven”

“Not a great player, but none of them are.”

“Another of our bigger wage earners off the books.”

“Always driving our better players out – well played, again!”

“Can’t blame him”

“What a relief for him.”

“Howard. Harris. McGahey. Basham. Davies. Us BFC fans fight as well go support Sheffield United”

“never had a run in the team and can’t blame him for wanting out of our car crash of a football club….”

“Davies wanted to try something different… Like a normal club.”

“He looked a good signing at the but his time here has been a failure through injury, lack of fitness and lack of service”

“After getting relegated with Bristol City he was given the
chance to continue at Championship level with us and has
probably regretted it ever since.
Very poor body language of the ‘what am I doing in a dump
like this’ variety…..and never did enough here.
The joy of getting out will probably give him a boost and
he may do well but I have my doubts…..time will tell.”

“He’s leaving on the hope he impresses Sheff United and they gain promotion cause he knows we are already down….”

“He’s wanted out since last summer and played like it too.”

“A league one club is like promotion compared
to this current set up…”

“The club is rotten from the top down. You can’t blame anyone for walking away.”

“Good luck to him, he’s doing the right thing.”

“Davies is not a great player but he is top scorer this season.He must have a poor attitude if he doesnt like being dropped for Telford.”

“‘Not enjoying the football’!!!!!!?????????
None of us are enjoying the b@*%!y football. We’ve got to stay, he should be made to too.”

“Why are we not taking that option that we have on him as he is was one of our better players”

“I liked him could of scored a lot of goals at a decent championship club good luck to him in.”

“A move to a club with modern training facilities and he would be a handful once fully fit.”

“Was ok fully fit and motivated….
if the blades dont go up then im sure that he will come back and haunt us next season on our mission to the conference”

“Shame to see him go, and if things don’t work out for him at Sheffield, he could always go back to playing snooker.
He was brilliant at that and doesn’t seem to have aged much either.”

“Steve Davies has played under 4 different managers at Pool and failed to make an impact under any of them. He won`t be missed.”

“Isn`t he our leading scorer with 3 or 4 goals.Prolific by our standards.”

“Shame really as think Davies is the type of striker you could build a gameplan around”

“TERRIBLE player.
As I said from day 1.”

“League 1 player at best.”

“Davies  can finish but he’s bone idle. He’s also great at falling over and complaining to the ref. We won’t miss his hapless efforts as a targetman, you couldn’t slide a Gazette under his feet when he “leaps” for a header”


By Roy

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