“Brooks – quiet first half but grew into the game and had a very good second period. Looked after the ball well and scored a superb goal”

“Some great touches and passes. Pretty solid all game. “

“Looked like the young kid that he is in the first half but came into it in the second and took his goal well.”

 “Brooks excellent on the ball despite his small frame “

“Brooks was good today, thought he left the defence a little bit vulnerable at times but he worked hard and showed that he has quality”

“Brooks showed some lovely feet and ball control “

“Brooks looks as though he has something about him, “

“who wrote those lads off (Brooks and CJ) before they ever set foot on the shay pitch, know about the game. “

“everyone has given brooks and cj the dj the credit they deserve, they’ll be gone in 2 weeks”

“Brooks has been absolutely mint despite looking approximately 12 “

“Brooks ran around like a headless chicken”

“Brooks was playing it around well”

“He’s ok but a bit lightweight”

By Roy

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