“Banton best player for us by a mile.Only one who deserves any recognition.”

“Banton was mom”

 “The keeper has only got Banton infront of him who is any good ,, Joe Hart would struggle if only one of his back four turned up”

“Hes the only one putting a shift in and his commitment to say hes only on loan is appreciated.”

“he played well in spite of things.”

“There were times today when Banton was a centre half, left back and midfielder”

“For me Banton & Sadlier were the only two players on the pitch for us that looked like they wanted to play football.”

“Banton was decent”

“Banton was better than our contracted CB’s but I didnt really rate him either as I felt his sloppy play at times caused us too many problems.”

“ thought Banton would have made a better right back, but not at all surprised they have all gone. “

“Banton was good when on form but too hit and miss for what we need at the moment. “

“Banton was better than the defenders we had at the time he joined (but then that wasn’t hard) and had potential”

“Thought Banton did okay for an 18 Yr old.”

“I would still have kept Banton”

“I personally thought Banton was a top player, he had presence, good awareness, pace and strength.Yes he made some mistakes, but he has the attributes to make amends. Sol Campbell was similar in his younger days, he made loads of mistakes but had the pace to recover them most of the time.Banton will go on to be a first team player for the Blades no doubt about it.”

“Banton definitely looked like he’ll go on to be a top L1/Championship defender but he just made too many mistakes which is what we desperately didn’t need.”

By Roy

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