“McNulty, is probably the best all round player to be the “1” up front”

“McNulty was unimpressive”

“Nothing from our front six apart from hard running from McNulty.”

“Good goal by mcnulty”

“Nice to see him on the scoresheet”

“We need to get McNulty and Lavery till the end of the season at least.”

“100% agree. Those two lads are key to our promotion push. Once they, and the rest of the team get to know each other, they will score a hat full. I have a sneaky feeling we may end up getting McNulty signing for us, especially if we look like going up. He has been on Cook’s radar for a long time.”

“McNulty in particular looks a vg player. That was a helluva finish yesterday, absolutely smashed it.”

“Mcnulty seems pretty confident his loan will be extended until the end of the season in january anyway.
Sheff utd havent been having the best of seasons and he wasnt being picked so cant see any reason for the sudden recall (barring all their strikers getting injured). “

“Is it me or does McNulty look a stone or two overweight?”

“Lets put it this way, he doesn’t move like he’s a stone or 2 overweight. Very quick & strong & gives defenders a very hard time. If he is overweight then he should stay like it”

“Our modern day Micky Quinn.”

“we wont get McNulty without paying a decent 5 figure fee at least. They bought him for around £100k just over a year ago I believe.”

“McNulty & Lavery are great up front. McNulty with a fantastically taken hat trick”

By Roy

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