Colchester 1-2 Blades

“How we lost that i’ve no idea”

“That was robbery of the highest order Sheff Utd are jammy wankers”

“How the hell did we lose that game!!?? So unlucky, made Sheff Utd look very average! Typical thieving northern bastards”

“How have we come away from that with nothing! So so frustrating”

“Didn’t deserve to lose that game on second half performance. I’m not bad loser but why do officials not seem to give us decisions??”

“That’s what you get when you’re down the bottom I suppose, no luck and no fucking decisions! Ref was a fucking joke!”

Briggs fouled before first Blades goal.
Two handballs; no penalty given.
Moncur too honest; blatantly fouled, stayed on his feet; hence no penalty.
Blades fans concur, we deserved a win.”

“What is it about northern clubs, bully boy tactics and referees that let them get away with it?”

“Can’t believe we lost we were class even though the ref wasn’t giving us anything”

“I fucking hate football sometimes c**t of a game didnt deserve that”

“When your in the bottom 4 that’s the luck we get. Gutted ain’t the word”

“without a league win for 3months! Awful!”

“Played well, no points. An all too familiar tale “

“Sheff U were shocking”

“They didn’t deserve that. Played hoof ball all game. Poor fans as well”

“Blades did a professional job on us despite being second best for most of 2nd half”

“Have to play to the final whistle against the Blades”

“Playing only one half, poor defending and switching off for a set piece in extra time, shows you the fine margins between winning and losing whatever division you play in .
Can have all the plaudits in the world from the visiting manager, who leaves with all three points .
If you do not do the basics well, your on a hiding to nothing, always”

“Poor first half performance, the Blades goal was embarrassing. Spirited 2nd half performance and should have made it count only to throw it away in injury time.”

“we were definitely the better side today Joe robbed. But if the sign of a promotion side is winning when not playing well, we”re doing the opposite currently. It seems ominous.”

“Blades must love coming to Colchester, no matter how badly they play always win”

“I think it’s fair to say we have ourselves a bogey team”

“Moncur should of gone down in the area we definitely would of penalty so frustrating”

“Hate seeing people saying Moncur should have gone down. He was clearly clipped, ref should have just given it”

“Had the same incident occurred at the other end, you’d guaranteed the Sheff Utd player would have gone down like a shot.”

By Roy

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