Wigan 3-3 Blades


“Top class for 60 minutes but the players need a long hard look at their self if we’re to get promoted “

“So pissed off”

“i thought Caldwell destroyed that formation tonight but saying that no way shud they have got a point”

“Sheffield deserved the point if not all 3 in my opinion”

“Got absolutely spanked in that last 20 minutes. But that’s what you get when you support wigan. “

“They were almost as bad as Colchester, shameful last 25 from us our defence afraid to tackle Sharp?? Embarrassing”

“Should have had 5 or 6 and nearly lost. Tossed it away against the second worst side I’ve seen this season. Ridiculous.”

“If we had a manager who had half a clue about tactics we would be 10 points clear at top”

“Honest words from Caldwell, battered them for 60 mins and complacency is what cost us. Too many players think game is won and then panicking”

“If we had an experienced manager we would go up automatic, luckily there are a lot of poor teams so we will make the playoffs”

“well that was a disaster 3-0 up cruising they never looked like scoring…piss take shitty subs from caldwell cost us..3 piss poor goals conceded feels like a loss”
“I didnt think they would score 1 let alone 3!”

“they were absolutely awful until their first goal”

“i thought it would of ended up 5-0 after the 3rd goal went in,we conceded to quick after that 3rd goal never mind good game”

“how to lose momentum against a p*ss poor team”.

“Sheffield utd fans singing ‘your just as shit’ to us at 3 3 was a laugh tho, touche!”

“Looking at the table a draw suited us more than them”

“Nice to hear David unsworth getting a song from the east stand tonight”

“Downhill after that David unsworth song”

“At the end of the day we drew, we didn’t lose. Got to be glass half full and just ignore the shite we’ve got in our team”

“we could’ve lost despite being 3-0 up at home!”

“Lets pretend we were losing 3-0, WHAT A FIGHTBACK”

“Just watched the match backwards. Brilliant fightback from Wigan”

“Think it’s best if we don’t bother going 3-0 up again. Stick to going 2-0 down”

“The ones who booed at the end of the game are fickle fucking gimps”

“Thought our legs had gone after 70 mins tonight. Seem to remember Nigel Adkins doing the same to us at home to Reading two seasons ago”

“That one is karma for all the last minute damage we’ve done this season”

“Did well to hang on how’s that for being positive”

“The quality of this league especially the defences is awful. Any team that just goes for it attacking wise is guaranteed to score a bagful”

By Roy

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