Blades 1-1 Swindon

“Had them down as automatic promotion candidates in August. What’s gone wrong? “

“Can’t just be players and/or manager – not season after season.
Got to be something badly wrong in the boardroom. A club with 20,000 fans and the financial muscle that comes with it should have left this league behind years ago.”

“Blades on the whole seem to be decent fans and accept that they are where they are because they deserve to be, but being outplayed by a team in the same division (with the odd exception like Crewe) isn’t that flabbergasting.”

“Love Bramall Lane.
Great team performance today”

“Always enjoy Bramall Lane.”

“I warmed to the Blades fans in the days of The Robinettes….the only visitors who seemed to be genuinely excited by the hotch potch of barely pubescent girls, who gamely tried to do a cheer leading dance routine, at half time but just weren’t very good.
I couldn’t quite work if the Blades like them barely legal….or that the women of Sheffield are particularly grim, that being something of which I have no experience.”

“good draw today. Feels like a win”

“Cracking result. I think we’d all have taken that before kick off.”

“Was too busy going mental in the away end when we equalised, but Boo’s celebration with Branco looks pretty dodgy if I’m honest….McEverley looks pretty fucked off judging by his reaction as well”

“Regarding Sheff Utd, I’m sure it was back when Danny Williams was still there I posted something on Twitter about t’blades putting 10 men behind the ball and got a hell of a lot of abuse for it.”

“How can almost 19000 home fans make such little noise? having to watch that crap presumably. Went 1-0 up and then most of the game sat back to protect what they had. good listening to blades fans on the way back to the car wishing they played football the way we had “

“Bramall Lane is the sort of novern outpost where even our decent sides have struggled historically.”

“Sheffield are not a particularly good side, well organised and some decent players, but were negative when they went 1 up.  Not sure about the penalty, if anything thought it was outside the box.”

“Special mention to Branco, great watching his battle with Billy Sharp, especially the dirty niggly bits and Rossi got the better of him in the end. As for the “massive” club we were playing, couldn’t believe how little they offered. Their whole strategy after they went ahead was to sit back and do nothing. They were so deep at times they looked like the away team.”

“We were all over them at the end”

“Good point but it could have been more”

By Roy

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