Blackpool 0-0 Blades

“solid display”

“we dominated the 2nd half. 16 shots according to the Beeb”

“16 shots is a huge change from the 3 to 5 we were managing at the start of the season and shows that the team is now able to move forward as a unit on a regular basis. It’s a platform for success without doubt. I too am looking forward to watching the games again. It’s good to watch when it’s like this. “

“We played well.”

“It’s actually decent to watch unlike the whole of last season, we are looking like mid table standard which after what we’ve been through is most welcome
They are playing their hearts out “

“we had them on the ropes at the death. “

“They were hanging on”

“Decent game. “

“Very good performance. Very hard working and willingness to have a shot now.”

“So on a night where bfc should have come away with 3 points, doyle gets man of the match for keeping them in it? Ok then. “

“Draw probably fair result although we created more 2nd half. “

“All I can say is some people are very easily pleased”

“nothing exciting and easily forgettable”

“Even the club’s own positive reports about being ‘difficult to beat’ and ‘improving’ don’t back up what’s been posted on this thread about a ‘VERY good performance’. “

“Draws are not enough at home, and I suggest we wont win many games with such ineptitude upfront.”
“good game good point,those who did not use their season tickets only hurting themselves.”

“6,296 was the official attendance tonight. I’d guess at just over 3,000 actually there.”

“more like 1,500 Blades, 1,500 home fans, 1,500 stewards/security.”

“1800 seasiders and 1000 blades. Definitely the lowest number of home fans ever at bloomers since ground renovation. Didn’t expect any different after recent events.”

“The lowest average league gate in a season since the new stands were opened was 5730 in 2001/2, with the lowest single gate being 4118, we will definitely smash both those records next season”

“For them to announce the true attendance’s would be admitting that more fans are boycotting OFC and the numbers are growing game on game”

“I hope everyone who went all get stuck in traffic on the way home and then realise they’ve locked themselves out. “

“I hope they play to away supporters only next season.”

“No one gave a shit about the game”

“This used to be a huge fixture in the old Div 2. Crowds north of 20,000, tons of aggro..scary as fuck.”


By Roy

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