“Who gives afeck about this game.”

“Every cunt who steps foot in that ground now wants stringing up. No ifs, no buts, no excuses. You are all fucking complicit in the destruction of our club and the lives of its supporters.”

“I will attend the protest tomorrow, even if it’s raining cats and dogs.”

“100% Boycott required nothing less.”


“The only way anything will happen now is a total boycott. Walk away. Leave them to rot.”

“personally i doubt i will ever go to Bloomfield rd again. Can see it being a very hostile place tomorrow .”

“Anything less than a total boycott at this stage is an absolute disgrace.”

“I won’t go to home games anymore”

“I couldn’t care less if you have a 2 year ticket or not – if you attend matches after all this you’re a fucking coward and a traitor.”

“used to argue that two year season ticket holders should attend and that fans who wished to attend but were anti Oyston should go in and support the team. NOT ANY MORE!
Do NOT attend at all – Grow a pair and stop justifying being a scab like its a badge of honour attending. It really isn’t.”

“Very sad day for all fans I have my club taken away from me after 35yrs of supporting bfc no more watching bfc until we get our club back and I will no longer be posting on here good night God bless”

“The club is dead.”

“I am gutted that I have no football team to support and beleive me you bfc was a big part of my life for many years the same as many other supporters”

“If the remaining fans don’t walk away now they never will, and they deserve the club they’ve got.”

“F##k BFC the ounce of love I had left has gone.”

“This NOW, is the new low. Are we now at the point of no return? I think so”

“Mark my words, within 5 years BFC as we know it will cease to exist, and we’ll need to start again under fan ownership.”

“When the final whistle blow at Wembley operation Conference began.
How else could they be 100% certain to keep every last penny of the jackpot they had just won.”

“The team should be buzzing.”
“team improving, some decent signings coming in, could still make the playoffs.”

“if we’d lost Saturday we’d ave been back in the bottom 4”

“I’ll go as far as to say that if we go down this season, we’ve got the makings of a decent squad to challenge League 2 next time…. “

“I don’t believe we’ll go down, but there are some big games at this level coming up,”

“Reading seem to have this odd superior than other fan base that I’ve noticed during each trip. I’ve never met a more arrogant set of fans in my entire life, not even Sheffield Wednesday are as bad as them. “

By Roy

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