“Very tough game and not one I am expecting anything from to be honest but a game I think that will show us if we will have to settle for mid table this year.”

“Scoring goals for fun – letting them in for comical effect.
If we decide not to pretend we can defend and just get on with having a go . . .
. . . who am I kidding, we’ll get stuffed”

“7-7 draw on Saturday”

“I really enjoyed watching our second half passing football against Crewe, accuracy, pace, penetration, variety.  About as good I can expect at this level, I don’t know what others think.”

“We have an above top 10 team.Eliminate us giving away the ball in our final 3rd and we make the top 10 easily .When we move the ball forwards quickly no team in this league can stop us . “

“6 wins from safety. Would have taken that a couple of months ago. Closer to play offs than relegation. Beat Sheffield United next weekend and we go within 3 points of them. 7 wins in 10 league games.”

Just some random facts which show we’re not doing badly. Stop the faffing and we should be looking at a top half finish.

“The recurring thing seems to be naivety at the back and lack of movement and cover from midfield, its bloody hard to defend when you have runners which no one is tracking coming at you (yet the defender tends to get the blame, whilst also never being provided with an ‘out’ ball, especially if ball playing is not your thing.”

“I don’t agree with the way we play around at the back.”

“Regarding going short from the keeper, building from the back and then creating an attack is what we’d all like to see. It’s the perfect and most pleasing football on the eye when it results in a goal.
The trouble with it is that doing it all the time means teams will press you and losing the ball there is dangerous. A ball lost on the edge of their box is better than on the edge of ours.”

“We stopped most of the passing back to the keeper and backwards and forwards under Ling and now he’s gone we have gone back to it.  I can see the point of short passing out of defence and even from the keeper at times but it is the players being put under pressure by opposition when doing it so fcuk it up and keep doing it that is frustrating”

“We lose almost every ball we play long, but they hardly ever result in a goal against”
“I recall the absolute hammering McEveley got at Preston a few years back when he got beaten for a header after tracking back following various midfield and defensive fuck ups, the ball should never got there in the first place but as he was the chosen scapegoat at that time the dogs abuse he got was ridiculous, we do seem to love to choose a scapegoat and then go after them!”

By Roy

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