“Sheffield United scored three goals in 21 minutes to draw 3-3 against Wigan at the DW last night.
As we know to our cost their resilience is well known at the WHCS. The infamous 3-2!!!
But the U’s are made of sterner stuff under KK and I expect no such repeat.
Indeed we are looking forward to recording the double over the Steel City side this season.”

“Just hope the U’s play as well as they did at Bramall Lane.”~

“Need to forget about the cup game end month and focus on picking up at least 7 points in next 3 games 2 big home games !”

“I was thinking this morning I worry that we will take our eye of the bay and think about big cup game I would swap it all for survival and I am sure that KK is making sure that the lads keep their feet firmly on the ground.”

“There is that danger but there is also the feel good factor that seems to have spread around the club. I know we all seem to have had a little boost with the new manager but it was only a few weeks ago we were losing each week letting in goals left right and centre and losing in a derby against our rivals. Now we have cut out most of the silly mistakes, ended our losing streak and even won a game and thats before you even mention the FA cup draw. We have a talented squad, I would say the most talented for 5 or so years, it was just a bit of organisation and confidence that was missing and with Keen and this cup draw I do think it will help.”
“Under KK we will definitely achieve mid table obscurity this season!”
“As for Moncur, I think we all realise he is going. Just got to hope we get good money for him.”

Mk Dons, Sheff Utd and Forest are intersted. All 3 should be told to foxtrot oscar. He can and we can definitely do much better. He can and we can definitely do much better. Forest are the only established Championship Club and in fairness are hardly tearing up trees to mix the metaphor!
At the very least, he deserves a better club to transfer to than those three excuses! “

“I don’t understand why Moncur would want to join MK, Charlton or Sheffield United as they are all likely to be playing in League 1 next season!!!”

“If he were to be sold Moncur’s whole transfer fee should command a price tag of close to £1million, with some sort of sell on clause in there as well.”

“Can’t see anyone paying anywhere close to a million for GM especially upfront. Likewise we aren’t going to get him back on loan unless a premier league club signs he, and I think we can all agree he isn’t at that level.
As I said in another thread i’d expect that an upfront fee would be around 400k and then add ons and sell on clauses. which may get you closer to the million.”

By Roy

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