“kler love fest, he did look ok, get him in for cawley “

“It’s not a Kler love fest because folk want to see players who consistently play shite get dropped for someone who has looked promising but had no chance to show it. How can he ‘do enough’ in 2 very brief substitute appearances?
Throw him in and see what he’s all about. We’ll never know until he gets a chance. “

“I just don’t think kler has done enough to start”

“Kler hasn’t done enough to start? That poses an interesting question, has Cawley? Has Gallagher? They’ve had considerably more game time and done very little in an attacking sense. That to me says that we need to give him a chance. We won’t know if he’s any better or worse until we give him a decent 70 or so minutes. Love-fest? Nope, just a desire to see if a new signing can boost an area where we are undoubtedly weak.”

“kler looked up for it.”

By Roy

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