“i quite like him. He has his limitations but gets stuck in and does the holding role reasonably well, plus provides defensive cover. I have a feeling i might be in the minority though!”

“I agree he covers a lot of positions and does the basics very well.”

“He did ok”

“every time I’ve seen him he has put in a shift.”

“He needs to work on his passing, but his workrate isn’t in question and he’s a good squad player to have around.”

“would be a good league 2 player.”

“Brown’s a steady player, and can do a reasonable stand in job in a defensive midfield role, and maybe centre half.However, we’ll need better than him if we are to be in the championship in 3 years. !I do agree that his passing is pretty poor.”

“I personally think he wasn’t a bad player didn’t let us down too much when called on! Not a world beater but steady”

“Training with Sheffield utd. Has Wilder gone mad or is knill  trying to make his Yorkshire version of Bury FC “

“Not as good as it seems, Presuming he does sign for them. They are under pressure to get promoted and i am certain they will not achieve that. “

“God they must be desperate! Awful awful player, they were linked with Wes Brown during the window! “

“He was not that bad”

“I didn’t rate Brown at all”

“Great back up,and for that reason,i wish he was still here.”

“Athletic and he’ll win headers but his technical ability is very much League 2 standard. We’ve replaced him with better footballing defenders, I’m very surprised Wilder is mulling over him given their resources.”

“Extremely poor addition for where sheff Utd are aspiring to get to .”

By Roy

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