“Mcnulty is a decent player and has been unlucky ladt few weeks with Cup games and the fact that we played Sheff Utd.”

“We need competition and McNulty is a proven scorer at this level.”

“Not too sure that is the case 10 in 37 games at this level for Sheffield United, Portsmouth 10 in 27 league two, and Livingstone Scottish league one was very good 41 in 96 games but I would think that level of football is little better than league two in the EFL ?.”

“Keep McNulty here. he’s good. and he’ll show it when given the chance. “

“McNulty has just not done enough. Even in his short time today McNulty has to do more when we’re still in it.”

“When he came on today , to be fair he didn’t have long , much more effective than Jordy was for 75 mins “

“if we’re not going to play him then get rid. I’d give him a run before consigning him to the scrap heap though.” “Problem is when he has played he’s not got involved”

“McNulty is a waste of space in this squad”

“Why is this player donning a City shirt? Very Poor player in my opinion “

“Good to see Webb-Foster score even if it is just reserves. We might as well give him McNulty’s spot on the bench and send him back as surly he won’t do any worse.”

“Sheffield united please please please take McNulty back in January otherwise we’re stuck with the w@nky until May ffs”

“He’s had a stop start season so far but hasn’t really shown anything to think he’s going to get the goals. “

“At this rate they’ll insist we keep him. Bet their fans would have a right laugh if they read some of our comments.”

By Roy

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