“I think Chris Brass deserves some praise particularly for the way he has managed the last two games , we have been a much better unit with more stout defending and a much more motivated Anthony Kay who has been pivotal. Starting 4 youth at Fleetwood and again yesterday says to me he is happy to take brave decisions and they have worked out against tough opposition. I didn’t expect him to start the same team with Vaughan and Mellis on the bench yesterday but full credit he vested his trust in them  and they responded brilliantly. I recognise we need some wins now but the signals shout loudly that things are definitely on the up and even if we lose tomorrow I wont change my view. Both drawn games have been very enjoyable to watch- endeavour , spirit and youth!! Fans great again yesterday.”

“I do believe slowly but surely things are getting better and have done for some time – points and a clean sheet obviously help.”

“Bit more optimistic than i was last weekend but think they may just have too much for our youngsters (and much depleted team). I will also be brave with a prediction and say that the top 2 now will be the top 2 at end of season.That hurts me because one of the teams is you know who. “

“Our forms smouldering hot whilst theirs has dipped with a couple of recent  Scruffy victories, they can only beat us if we have 9 men.”

“nice to see a bit more discipline about the team”

“Mayor back in the squad for Sheffield. big crowd and we need to up the momentum with our big guns firing on all cylinder’s … “

“Melis yet again outshun by young kids with a handful of FL games under there belts, get rid this window . “

By Roy

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