“January is a huge month for us.
Blades followed by Rochdale followed by Bolton all at home, Fleetwood away and Scunny at home first weekend of Feb. If we are still there or thereabouts after those games (which I think we will be considering 4/5 are at home) I fancy us to go well, our run in on paper looks a delight.”

“We like playing those lot tbf. Get the feeling it’s a different beast now though saying that we’re pretty decent ourselves. Injuries will have the biggest say on how we end up doing.”

“I think our form and style has been excellent in recent months ( 12 unbeaten I think ? ) , but I also thought we looked a bit off the pace against Charlton and by all accounts the same yesterday.
Yes I know that other teams will also be facing the same hectic fixture congestion , so fatigue ( if that’s what it is ) should not be an excuse as it applies to all teams.
I sincerely hope we come through this next group of games with a decent tally of points , but given the form of those teams and the fact that we have dipped slightly , I do have big concerns.
We have an excellent first 11 , but don’t think we have the personnel to ‘freshen things up’ and still maintain the momentum.
Whilst I also think our home form has been very good , we also need to be mindful of these top sides hitting us on the break ‘if’ we adopt the attitude that we should force the issue at home ( not sure Phil will do this though as despite our success , I still think he is a relatively cautious Manager and prefers not to get beaten ).
Anyway , all a bit pessimistic from me , despite witnessing the best football for a number of years in recent months.”

“Got to love this comment on the Sheffield United fans forum –
I’d honestly feel more confident about going to Anfield or The Emirates than going to Southend
It’s just one of those places”

“There’s a smattering of Blades supporters that think this will be a tough game, and a larger number that reckon they owe us for stuffing them last season and then again this season at their place. I doubt Phil will need to give the team much of a pre match pep talk as they should be really up for this one. I hope we give them a total stuffing (just like the last two games against them, hee hee).As for our starting 11, it’s possibly going to involve some fresh places if injuries are piling up. That said it would not surprise me at all if everyone that started on Monday trots up the tunnel again on Saturday. Just as the Sheffield board fans have said, this is the start of some serious tests against contenders for the top spots. ”

“I think there is a lot to be said for the fact that, I believe, if the standard of our opponent is good, then we tend to play better. We know that Sheffield are not going to be quite the pushover they were at Bramall Lane, but I firmly believe that we shouldn’t be scared of anyone in this division.
I hope our players were given a full day off yesterday and possibly even today too, giving their knocks and bumps and general fatigue the chance to be sorted out, and are back in training tomorrow refreshed and ready for the match on Saturday.”

“The blades were a shambles that night !
Hope their defence is as good as our first meeting on Saturday… Looking at the stats, somethings gotta give !  ”

“Let Ranger rip Sheff Utd apart like he did at Bramhall Lane alongside Coxy ,as Fortune deserves a well earnt rest!”

“Sheffield come to town with an incredible run of results…mind you our run ain’t too shabby either.
Titanic encounter possible…would love to win but happy with a point too.”

“Would have been a good TV game this. Two in-form sides going hammer and tongs at each other.“

“Surprised at how poor ticket sales have been . Just over 5k sold so far. I would have thought this has the potential to have been another 10k crowd.”

“maybe people are skint after Xmas, still think Sheffield Utd will bring around 1800 on Saturday so should still see around 8,000 on the day I would think”

By Roy

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