“This could be some game, We all know how well utd. are doing, BUT iif we can defend like we did against OXFORD, WELL YOU NEVER KNOW. This would be thwe perfect time ror Revel to find his scoring touch, We will be up against it, So come on cobblers, a  good time to have one hell of a performance.”

“I hope all supporters travelling to BL get behind the team and RP – whatever the result – rather than getting sucked into a CW love-in. Of course he deserves a standing ovation but we also need to live in the present.”

“Sorry i’ll be part of the Love in Wilder and Knill deserve every ounce of it for what they did for us. When are we ever likely to have a season like last year again.”

“I admire your noble instincts on honouring CW but his method of leaving us still leaves a trace of bitterness. Will applaud him but wont over do it. I want Page to outsmart him on the day.”

“If you expected him to stay then you’re a bit deluded. Get over it.”

“To anybody with any sense they can completely understand why he went to the club he supports, played for and in the city he was born and still lives in”

“CW made his name with us and then promptly left before the Market Square was hardly emptied. You know as well as I do that the way he achieved his objective was through inventive manipulation leaving one club confused, a Manager sacked and some of us disappointed in the manner in how he left. You don’t need a great deal of sense or realism to understand why he wanted to go to SU. Also I appreciate what he did for us and the team he assembled; nevertheless will politely applaud him on Sat as I have done many times both home and away. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that if/when a Premier League Club came calling he up sticks again. Money talks in football.”

“I’m happy to participate in any Wilder worshipping before or after the game. That man is arguably our best ever manager and should be recognised as such.
However during the game I want nothing more than to beat him.”

“it’s not just the results that has earned Wilder the love of his new fanbase. It’s his attacking, high tempo and entertaining style of football – again something which is familiar to those at Sixfields – that has helped fans flock to Bramall Lane in their numbers this season, with attendances reaching as high as 26,000. Wilder’s 2016 can be summed up in this amazing stat: with victory over Oldham Athletic last time out, he chalked up his 102nd point of the year – 47 of those coming with Sheffield United, the other 55 with Northampton.”

“This time last year we were just starting the run of 10 wins in a row. That has gone quick!”

“They are an awesome, most inform team at the mo, but I believe we can beat them.” “6 points in the last 3 games for us.”

“6 points in 7 games though.”

By Roy

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