This month in my look at our former payers I see how some of our former academy graduates are getting on.

Phil Jagielka left the Blades to join Everton back in 2007 and is now closing in on 300 games for the Merseyside club. After a decade in the Everton backline however, Toffees fans think his best days are now behind him

“Jagielka is finished and will probably be gone soon”

“Jagielka is gone legs wise”

“Jagielka is a slug”

“We need to replace Jagielka”

“Jagielka will likely find a new home at the bottom end of the Premiership”

“He’s perished goods”

“He’s absolute garbage”

“Utter dross”

“Our worst performer this season”

“Jagielka stands out as particularly bad really, which says a lot because they’ve almost all been useless”

“Jagielka has usually been the weaker member in every defensive partnership he plays in”

“I’m a Jagielka fan, he seems a top pro to me but we need to move on and I would think his playing days with us are coming to an end.”

Another ex-Blade who seems to be struggling at Premiership level is Kyle Naughton. After spells at Spurs,Middlesbrough, Leicester and Norwich the former England u21 full back now finds himself at Swansea City.

“Naughton is terrible defensively”

“Is there a more cowardly full back in the prem”

“Naughton isn’t great. For a long time we have been crying out for 2 new fullbacks and it is a huge part of where we are at.”

“Naughton is a disgrace.I would rather see a 40 year old Angel Rangel at full back than him.”

“I’m not a fan, but try to keep out of slagging players off as it doesn’t change anything. Trying to watchhim and Cork link up on the right was depressing. Rangel still our best RB, even if he needs oxygen, viagra and a wheelchair to keep it up through 90 mins.”


Kyle Walker moved to Spurs with Naughton at the same time in the summer of 2009 and after a spell at Villa he has now nailed down a place at White Hart Lane as well as establishing himself as England’s first choice right back. He continues to impress the Tottenham faithful.

That’s the same amount as the likes of Coutinho, Fabregas, Pedro, Rooney and more than the likes of Henderson, Mane, Silva, Sterling, Firmino, Hazard.
To compare with himself, before this season he only managed 5 assists across 3 years.
What a season he is having.”

“I think in defending 1v1s he’s the best in the league. So powerful, quick, agile and will likely give someone a concussion one day with his shoulder to shoulder barges.”

“It was the dribble through the midfield for the pen that stunned me, his close control was incredible, honestly didn’t think he was capable of that.”

“Has been consistently great for the vast majority of this and last season.”

“really love his comintiment”

“He’s become so much more than a kick and run player – actually uses his brain and his crossing has improved so much.”

“Has developed so much over the last season, comfortably the best RB in the country”

After a few frustrating years at Hull, Harry Maguire has recently found himself being tipped to join Walker in the England squad following a string of excellent performances. Tigers fans are among those lauding the centre half .

 “Maguire will go to a top 6 team, and then immediately be selected in an England squad. Fact.”

“I think Maguire is potentially our most saleable asset. All the pundits (mostly ex professionals) love Maguire. Neville was raving about him last night – you’d like to think he knows a thing or two about a quality defender when he sees one.”

“Maguire outstanding and getting better every week”
“****ing love Harry Maguire.”

“He’d make a good defensive midfielder if his passing improved.”

“having a boring English sounding name and coming from Sheff United rather than Dortmund subconsciously makes fans rate him less. We saw it with James Chester too. Friends who support other clubs used to say to me that Chester was one we needed to move on if we wanted to become established in the PL. What they actually meant was that they’d not heard of him and therefore he was average.”

“I’ll tell you what’s even more incredible, the fact that many of our fans, who have watched him play since he signed, didn’t even rate him until the national pundits started to sit up and take note recently.”

“I was late in jumping on the Harry bandwagon. I thought he has a lot to learn and that he needs to eliminate the mistakes from his game. Hopefully he will as he gains more experience. He has had two cracking games vs two very good teams, which has highlighted his potential, that’s all. I’m still not getting carried away though, unlike
some pundits who have pretty much said they only noticed him in the last two games.”

“He’s shown similar every single time he’s played. Mistakes here and there, yes, but his quality and potential has never been in doubt IMO.”

“He’s our David Luiz”

“What other young English centre half is out there, with the amount of games behind him that Maguire has, aside from Stones? Enjoy him while he’s here, cos he won’t be going back down to the Championship”

“Alsatians are excellent dogs, obedient and useful. However I feel they are never 100% trustworthy because they have something in their breeding which can emerge unexpectedly.
HM is from Bramall Lane and in some ways I see him as similarly tainted.”

Matt Lowton traveled to Burnley via Aston Villa and is now the Clarets first choice right back. Not everybody is impressed with his performances,  however.

  “Well done Matt Lowton ‘Top 10 Premier League full-backs chance creators this season’”

“Replacement for Lowton please”

“I like Matt Lowton. You certainly cant question his desire to win”

“the problem is he isn’t very good though…”

“Look a lot more solid with Flanagan at the back instead of Lowton.”

“After seeing Flanagan’s performances, maybe Lowton isn’t that bad after all”

“Lowton is shit.”

I want Mathew Lowton to come to my funeral to lower my coffin just so he can let me down one last time..”

“From what I heard, Lowton abstained from the Brexit vote because he couldn’t put the cross in the box”

Finally in this round up I come to Nick Montgonery. The last time I checked up on Monty he was well on his way to becoming a club legend at Aussie side Central Coast Mariners. Nothing much seems to have changed.

“we had one shot on target in 90 mins
Excuse Izzo and Monty…..they can enjoy Tapas at Terrigal. The rest should be flogged at training all week”

“Monty, is the only player who is aware that there are two sides to the pitch. The midfield is completely toothless and the movement is disgraceful. Only Monty escapes my criticism “

“Monty was everywhere”

“Monty is trying to do too much and trying to be too many things, doing a great job but his mistake rate (mainly poor passes was high) mostly early on. He needs more help”

“Monty was immense and was everywhere in defence, he also was the distributor and go to man in attack which is not really his game but carried it out admirably.
Berry also gave a great defensive performance at times he was Montyesque”

“34 year old returning from injury backing up 3 days later…one more reason why Monty’s performance blew me away.”

“Monty was the man tonight. If he wasn’t a Mariner legend already, he would be after tonight’s performance. A true inspiration for all young players.”

“Monty was trying to pick up everybodys slack again”

“Monty is the only one playing.”

By Roy

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