Owls 2-4 Blades

“The best team won. They did today, let’s be honest. It doesn’t mean they are a better team on paper, nor that they’ll finish above us and if anything is certain, it’s that they’ll never be the better club. But on the pitch they were more organised, more direct and pretty much the whole game looked more of a threat. Somehow even Leon Clarke looked a player!? They’ll all say “the tide is turning” and that we should “watch the gap”, but in truth they just managed with their ordinary side to make a good side look ordinary.  If I didn’t hate them, I’d think them worthy of congratulations…”

flipping biggest embarrassment ever. Never been as upset in 30 years of watching Wednesday. Even the 1-3 in 93 was it, didn’t feel as bad as this because we didn’t actually play that bad. “

“Sheffield United won’t forget about us because we are the enemy and being above us is everything and today they played like it . We play against everyone the same because we apparently have bigger fish to fry . Forgetting about that lot is why we were gutless today . Being better than us is all that matters to them whereas it’s not the same attitude towards from us . Which is why they are top six and we are , for the most part , painful to watch .”

“Having Sheff Utd in the same league as us is doing us no favours. However, for them we’re their number 1 motivator.”

“Fair play. We were embarrassed today. Must admit, I hate it when we are favourites for the Derby, the underdog always seems to be more up for it and impose themselves on it.  Today reminded  me of the Wallwork/Robson game from a few years ago. We have such a better team of individuals but we’re shown up as a team today. difference between us and then though is that we can admit that”

“Blame me for my over confidence. I thought we could perform above pub standard against a poor Sheffield United side. I was wrong. “

“United are on the crest of a wave after last season, we’re recovering from a craven play-off defeat. And it showed. Esprit de corps matters in sport. We’re stale, that’s all. The verve of two seasons ago is now gone. We do have better players than the Blades in almost every department…but we also have better players now than we had two years ago. Had we played the Wednesday of two years ago, we’d probably have lost to them too. “

“we all know their bubble is going to pop and we’ll finish above them”

“I take great consolation in knowing we’re going to finish higher than them this season”

“thought Utd played brilliantly today and would have beaten any team in the division. They had 5 yrs of taunts to shrug off. Will they continue like that? No. Are we better over a season? Undoubtedly. “

“The pigs wouldnt have beaten everyone in the division , no chance whatsoever .  The pigs weren’t brilliant they were decent made to look better because of our inability to do anything that a professional football player should be able to do like passing to your own player , taking corners that end up in the area not too short and too long , being second to everything , only playing for twenty minutes out of ninety , not turning up in the first half at all , gifting goals away “

“united deserved the win, wednesday are clearly the better team and the officials were poor. the first goal wasnt a foul. there should have been a free kick in the build up to the second goal and the third goal clarke pushes van akens head down to get in. 4 minutes added time was a joke. lots of time wasting, .almost 2 minutes when brook came off alone. lots of kicking the ball away and the goalkeeper was never warned despite taking an ice age with everything from early in the first half.worst defensive display from us in a very long time. we need to learn how to play in high pressure games. united were well organised. brook is very good, but we are much better than losing to them.”

“They’ll not score 4 again all season. Can only happen in a Derby”

“They’re just nasty mardy fans of a nasty mardy club. Nobody in the footballing world likes them; they don’t even like themselves “

“They were up for it, but then they’re managed by a Sheffielder. Now, hopefully, our players get it. This is the most important game they’ll play this season. Doh. We’ll see another side of our team when we play at S2. Keep believin.”

“As bad a day as this is, today is one of the reasons why we do it.  Man for man we are better. However that fat pudding Clarke has scored twice is beyond me. Football is bonkers.  Watch us us go and win promotion now. It’s nailed on. We will lose twice to the filth, and win promotion”

“We’d been well on top running up to the 2nd goal too. Would we have won had it stayed 2-2 for 5 minutes? Caught by two sucker punches today. The first was such an early goal for them. The second was their third goal. We didn’t play as badly as some are making out and neither are the pigs that good. They took their chances fair play to them and were up for it but we’d beat them most weeks. They are an average team who were up for it. Having said that, I do think for the first time, that it is time for a change. We need to be more fired up for games like this and with our squad we should be able to beat average teams like the pigs who get in our faces. We’re not going up unless something changes in my view.”

“When we equalised I’d not celebrated a goal like that for a long time.  Fully expected us to go on and win game.  That’s football I suppose.”

“Our fans. Bloody awsome at 2_2 . Three sides of the ground bouncing. Amazing sight. Pity it only lasted a min or so.”

“That result has been coming for a while, we all expected it today and not a single person who saw that game can say that they are surprised by it.”

“The only way back from this humiliation is to knock them out in the play-off’s”.

‘Leon Clarke is a third division striker. At best. However… He has the advantage over our strikers in that he plays in a fluid team that play to his strengths’

“He played us like he was Ronaldo9 in his prime. Time to take a long hard look  at what’s going on, because that was horrendous, they looked like they were going to score every time they went forward. With Leon Clarke ffs. Reality check needed.”

“Leon Clarke looked like a £10million striker… fair play to him he caused our defence all sorts of problems.”

“He was laid on a plate 4/5 CLEAR chances, it doesn’t matter how bad a striker is, if he keeps on getting given chances he’ll start scoring goals. Jordan Rhodes would score loads in that United side but sadly for him, he’s stuck here with us and our slow, boring and negative play where we seem to run out of ideas as soon as we get anywhere near the 18 yard box.”

“Have we conceded four goals…at home…. to Sheffield United….. where’s my f••king rifle”

“To the players, stick your fecking pre-match tweets up your collective arses. Today, and not for the first time, you were absolutely sheeite. Overpaid, egotistical, sad collection of primadonnas. Hooper and Lee stick around, the rest of you can sod off on today’s performance”
“credit to SUFC, they found a second wind and started to perform how they did in the first. They look a decent outfit but they were very up for it. “

“Are we really convinced they were just the better team on the day? No doubt we have better individuals, but as a team we’re coming up short a bit too often. “

“hate to say it, but they were always looking to attack and looked dangerous every time they went forward and could easily have scored 6 if we’re being honest. That should ring out loud alarm bells that we were so inept, that the team we hate most scored 4 on our home ground and could have had more. “

“the deluded ones on here who claimed Wilder isn’t a good manager. I’ve got news for them — he’s better than good, he’s on the verge of being an outstanding manager. Done it the hard/unglamorous way as well…credit where credit is due.”

“Dont like Wilder but give him credit he squeezes every ounce of effort and no little skill out of many of their journeyman players he has at his disposal”

“Suck it up lads,  lucky it wasn’t just 0-4. we got what we deserved”
“The snortbeasts are a better team than us, something is clicking for them, something aint clicking for us”

“This is a team that has come up from League One, against a team that in the main has had 2 very successful campaigns in the Championship and they’ve made us look so ordinary by comparison”.

“The Hillsborough Massacre ? Got what we deserved today, battered “

By Roy

8 thoughts on “View From Wednesday”
  1. Dilusional Massive over confident big bragging tossers, your not a Team your a bunch of over paid pampered missfits

    TEAMWORK wins every time

    UTB, see you in January boys

  2. Well that’s ok then Owls. If I am reading the above correctly, despite just being drubbed in your own back yard, you are the better side, have better players and are nailed on for promotion.
    I feel a bit silly because for a moment I felt great about today’s result, I mistakenly thought I saw an excellently sheffield United side, who have been above their city rivals all season, give them a footballing lesson and stretch the gap between us.
    Thanks to all of you who have posted for clarifying the situation. You are very very lucky fans to be in this position in september, guaranteed promotion.

  3. Well i have read that, and i can only surmise that whoever wrote that is just a brainwashed neanderthal. A delusional pig fan who could not even give a “well done blades, without a snide comment after. All the comments come a bitter twisted mind who still thinks “wednesday” are the greatest football team in the world. Well yesterday you were brought down to earth with a bang and from the Blades of all teams. As for thinking your team will be finishing above the blades! You will be Champions. But after yesterday’s debacle I can see that happening. So whoever wrote this Come on wake up from your fantasy world and smell the bullshit that ya shoveling.

  4. Good to see a few of u magnanimous in defeat but the rest are just bitter and twisted . You were well beaten by the better manager out of the two , your manager doesn’t seem to know what a derby means to the fans. B4 the game you lot were expecting the same score in reverse how wrong you were. Massive my arse , I think your bubble has burst & your manager will b sacked b4 xmas I hope not tho cos he’s doing a great job at s6 ?

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