Blades 2-0 Wolves

“We had a bloody awful night. It just didn’t run. Even the stream I had was **** and so was every player pretty much. It was dire.
From the first minute Sheff Utd looked on top, quite understandably to be fair and we was very slow out the blocks. Coady then let the side down imo whether that upsets people or not, or paints me as some sort of Coady hater (which is laughable) I am just simply calling it as I saw it tonight – he let the side down. He is probably the leader in many players eyes (particularly the new guys) so for him to make an error of judgement like that is a real blow and concerns me. The heads dropped from that moment onwards. The penalty pretty much summed that up, Neves didn’t look confident the moment he put the ball down for the penalty.
BUT lets not forget Sheffield Utd are flying at the moment. Give them some credit. They won 4-2 at Hillsborough on Sunday so to come into a home game tonight they really had their tales up. You sensed that from the first minute, hence why we needed to keep our heads so much and ride it. Sheff Utd are 2nd now though so clearly no mugs. Any side in this league would not have relished the task tonight. Personally I thought it was a great opportunity to really make a statement, hence the frustration. Similar to the feeling after Cardiff.”

“Looked good first 5 minutes. After that it was only one team on the pitch. Our morale and attitude were good, but our skills were just awful. Bad with the ball, bad passes, bad everything. We looked like a team heading for relegation. Awful performance.”

“Game was completely ruined as a contest after 15 mins due to the sending off. I’d like to see it again but we’ve assumed he was the last man and it looked cynical.
Indebted to Ruddy for keeping it 1-0 at the break.
Came out much better in the second half and a frankly soft penalty should have given parity but it was straight at the post. I think the way it was given meant I didn’t feel as bad when it didn’t go in, plus unless United had completely lost their confidence I’d have still fancied them to get another.”

“wouldn’t say Utd were on top from the start. We were passing the ball well with 11 men, although not getting near scoring, and Utd were getting nowhere. Then they broke behind the defence, and last man Coady made, what was in hindsight, the wrong decision to take out the man and get rightly sent off. At 10 men, we looked poor, just hoping to make it to HT and Nuno to reorganise. We didn’t – curse of the old boys network once again. Second half, we were well on top, and while a soft penalty, it came from some pressure. Had we scored, game on. We missed, our heads went down, Utd were inspired, and they took the initiative again. Cue second old boy goal, and game over.Probably inevitable Leon would get at least one tonight, must be sky high on confidence after the derby.”

“United deserved the points would of loved to have seen 11vs11 two top sides congrats to them”

“Fair play to them”

“credit to them they were on top before red card and most of the game thereafter”

“A deserved win for them”

“Wolves played 80 minutes with 10 men away to one of the better teams in the division. The way I’m seeing this is it could have been a lot worse.”

“Fulham drew with reading after having a man sent off after 40 seconds”

“Reading are pretty ****. Sheffield United aren’t. “
“Poor all round really simply didn’t manage the situation when down to ten men so got what we deserved.
But Coady I’m sure will apologise to everyone because before that we were very much in the game and who knows what would have happened also had Neves converted the penalty it might have been a different story.”

“we were ‘Thrashed’ because we could not string a pass together. Fair enough, the Coady sacking was a portent of doom, and Neves playing like Clarke used to do for us didn’t help. “

“No problems with the red card and i think our penalty was an incredibly soft one. “

“thought Sheffield United played very well, and set up to do exactly what a team needs to do to do well against us at the moment. Play wide, pin the wing-backs in our half, and make the most of crosses and set pieces.”

“Going down to 10 men after 15 mins is obviously going to make things difficult but would have thought we would have been better organized and make them work for their victory but we fell apart……maybe down to the youth of our team?”

“No need to panic though, you go down to 10 men after 15 minutes away from home to a good side and you’re going to struggle”.

“We’re drilled no end for 3-4-3 pal, once Coady was sent off we would’ve been massively lucky to get a point. Nuno had to change to 4 at the back and 3 in midfield which I can guarantee you none of the players will have practiced this season. Just one of those days, onto Burton. We won’t win every game this season. “

“It looked to me like Nuno wanted to shut up shop in the hope off getting a draw or sneaking a 1-0. As soon as that didn’t work we were knackered”

“2nd half we controlled it 10 v 11. Neves has really cost us, and I find his dramatic decline in form very alarming now.”

“Apart from the other header in the 2nd half i cant really remember Sheff Utd putting us under much presure in the 2nd half.
Fair play to the players going to the away fans – Couldnt hear them at all tonight.”

“They couldn’ even be arsed to bring their top scorer on!”

“For all the years I have mocked Leon Clarke, it has finally come back to haunt me.”

“Letting Clarke score 2 feeds my ex player madness especially as he couldn’t score in a brothel for us.”

“Letting $#@! like Clarke score 2 when you know him inside out is unforgivable. Fat bastard Leon cant run but can score from 6 yards or from headers and what do we let him do tonight?”

“Clarkes second was a header from a set piece wor it? It wor a sixteen pass tippy tappy tap in from a pressing side?
The fact that you are mentioning Clarke in company of a “Good Side” is ironic ay it. “

By Roy

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  1. I read a lot of pre and post match comments .At best some are envious and others are filthy.A lot of praise and realism from the Wolves fans.Really appreciate it and hope we both finish high up.Many thanks .

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