Forest 2-1 Blades

“We beat very good solid championship side today. Sheffield United are actually decent they deserve to be at this level.”

“Thought a draw would of been a fair result both teams shit at the back entertaining tho”

“Can certainly see why they are up there”

“Impressed by Sheffield United. You can see why they’re top six.”

“Sheff Uniteds movement off the ball is some of the best ive ever seen live.”

“Not sure how we were winning after the 1st 30 mins but much better after that and survived the last 10 min onslaught! Big win”

“The difference between today and Tuesday night, we took our chances and rode our luck.” “Better team, we lose, poorer team, we win……..funny old game.”

“good 3 pts against a good sheff utd team”

“Overall, I was very impressed with Sheff U who play well as a unit but also have some skilful players with quick feet.
We played better against Fulham and lost, but who cares, a win’s a win.”

“Brilliant result against an excellent side.”

“Best side we have played this season, properly well drilled and there 21 was impossible to mark. Why wasn’t Sharp playing?”

“I’m sure the Blades feel hard done by. Fuck ’em. We’ve been on the other side of games like this too often this season.”

“Sheff U are a decent side.21 owned the game for them.”

“second entertaining game on the trot… things are getting better. But strange as we could so easily have beaten Fulham, and yet so easily lost this one. Fine margins and probably says we will be mid table at the end.
Have to say I was Impressed with the Blunts, physical and route one when they needed to be but very close interplay and very technical in our half. Would take Fleck and especially Duffy over anybody we have, every day of the week.”

“thought Mark Duffy completely ran the show in that first half, quality player” “Honestly can’t see what all the brooks hype is about…that Duffy was better” “I’m sorry but not a better side than Leeds, they looked shaky at the back but admittedly quite dangerous going forward.
On another note Sharp could have been just what they needed there… Nevermind!”

“First half they were the better team, second half we were. Tight game that could have gone either way.
Not our sexiest performance, but mentally our toughest against a team who would have bullied us last season. United pressed well, but have we started to progress playing against those types of teams?”

“Magnificent effort from the lads today against a physical Sheffield side who were a stern challenge.”

“They are a Good side, still a bit dirty though.”

“To say they are 2nd and are on a good run, I thought their fans were poor today”

“There’s your first reality check Sheffield United, and there’ll be plenty more.
A tight game, one of the more entertaining Blunts sides I’ve seen over the years and they will do okay, providing injuries and suspensions don’t cripple them.
I thought we played better against Fulham and Barnsley and won neither, but there you go.
Another good attendance, especially on the back of five defeats.
Disappointed with the Blunts fans, quietest we’ve had here this season up to yet, bar Fulham that brought about 600.”

“they look good going forward but defensively they’re suspect. Surprised more teams haven’t found them out. Also, some of the tackles they were putting in.. i’ve not forgotten what Morgan did to Johnson all those years ago. As for the fan noise, there was about 1800 of them and I only heard them when they scored”

“They had chances, a couple of smart saves from Smith and a post working in our favour. Equally, we had more chances that we spurned. I’m sure they will be thinking they should have taken something from the game, and many games already this season, we have been left with a similar feeling, having given what should be enough to take at least a point, only for some individual mistakes to cost us anything. And fuck ’em, because they are a bunch of dirty bastards, always have been. Haven’t forgiven them for breaking Johnson’s leg.”

“have u wiped your tears you fucking losers Sheffield united your fans are a total disgrace and your city is a shit hole CUNTS”

“2-1, we beat the scum 2-1……Blade bastards”

“Good triumphs over evil”

By Roy

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