Blades 1-0 Ipswich

“I don’t think we were bad, but we certainly didn’t give enough to go and win the game. We missed Garner – no disrespect to Sheffield United, they do try and play football through the lines and they will have a good season and push for play offs, but their defence wasn’t very convincing and it needed someone to go and rough them up a bit. Garner would have been doing that all game and we might have steadied their attacking play and relieved ourselves from the pressure they put on us.
I also thought we missed Tom Adeyemi. Midfield 3 of Nydam, Ward and Skuse just looked a bit lightweight, which against a Sheff Utd midfield that wasn’t particularly powerful or physically stronger/imposing than us, it seems that we perhaps could have done more in that area in terms of being the aggressors and winning the physical battles.
I don’t have a problem with the 5-3-2 formation we play, but there was a clear difference in the way Sheff Utd use their 5-3-2 to how we used our 5-3-2. That player was Mark Duffy in centre midfield. Sheff Utd use him to get on the ball in between the opposition midfielders and defence – and it proves effective. He was MOTM yesterday for me because that was difference between the two sides – how he was getting on the ball in good positions further up the field. Ipswich never had that – instead it was trying to rely on McGoldrick to do similar but that then needs midfield runners to cause a problem for their defence and to open up space in midfield. It didn’t happen, and that was probably the only real difference that proved beneficiary to Sheff Utd. “

“We didn’t play bad but we also didn’t play well enough. Absorbed a lot of pressure. “

“Can’t really argue with the result. There will be some saying the old cliche that we could have nicked a point with a bit of luck. Now we couldn’t. We got what we deserved. Spoke with a Blades’ fan after the game and he’s said that was their worst home performance of the season. Even though they had lost to Norwich last month they battered them throughout the game. Worst Blades’ performance and we played well only for the last 15 minutes of the first half.”

“Very rigid defence which Blades struggle to break down and the biggest ‘positive’ of this set up was Leon Clarke to have been kept quiet. Last 30 minutes from Ipswich Town ? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Mostly painful hoofing with no attacking intent nor ability to get back into the game. 10 minutes before the final whistle young Blades’ star Brooks did run across the pitch completely unchallenged by Skuse and defence and launched a shot that went narrowly wide. A minute later Clarke’s dangerous header was saved by Bialkowski. They were closer to score their second than us creating a meaningful chance let alone score. ”

“The frustration is there for most fans, whenever we play top half teams we struggle to match the quality. We always seem to set to nullify or match teams”

Thought it wasn’t our worst performance of the season, or our best.

“We generally kept them at arm’s length for the most-part, although we always looked like we had a self-inflicted calamity in us, which Knudsen almost inflicted in the first half when he passed to Chambers on the edge of our box to who had a man on him immediately, so he had to rush to a similarly under pressure Webster and we lost the ball.
The goal was far too simple, one cross, one header, goal. We concede far too many simple goals, but we are a side that have to work damn hard to score one of our own. Not a good combination.”

“Much of the game we just sat there watching Sheff Utd spread the ball about”

“Sheffield United deserved the win today, solid team think they’ll be well up the top of the league come the end of the season”

“Mick will be delighted with holding Sheff Utd to a 1-0 loss. “Let me tell you,not many teams will achieve a 1-0 loss against that lot” “

“Classy ground, don’t think there was much between the teams. The championship is ours”

“One of the best grounds in the country”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Ipswich”
  1. A very fair description of the match from your view, we dont normally play heading tennis but we open up defenses better with the ball on the floor as defenders are a yard slower than forwards
    I think Ipswich will finish high in the league and could be in the playoffs
    Good luck from a Blade

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