Blades 2-1 Reading


“Thanks for ruining another Saturday Reading”

“2-1 scoreline looked closer than it was.”

“Stam has no clue away from home. Attack us and actually play forward and were oxf*rd. “

“that is at least The third game this season we have had one shot on target. You are not going to win many games with stats like that. Make no mistake we are in serious trouble this season.”

“Its like watching people who have just been introduced to the sport of football try to figure out what to do with themselves. Panicked and blind with sporadic moments of individual good play.”

“Shambolic at times”

“Woeful. Men against boys. Only shining light was Swift who made a huge difference. No other positives whatsoever. Pathetic “

“we looked ok for the first 10 or so, a couple direct attacks (that came to nothing) and Barrow’s pace chasing long balls looked to be an outlet……then they scored. After that there was only one team in it. That was the most frustrating thing. As soon as we went 1-0 down, we never looked remotely like getting back in to the game (even at 2-1, that just papered over the cracks).

“For me, Vito was probably our best player….but he didn’t have masses to do and possibly could have done better with their first. That and Billy Sharp being the best player on the pitch summed today up. We look lost. “



“Don’t think they went asleep just allowed us a bit more space, we’ve been woeful all season, considering our form last season”

“let’s face it – Sheffield United are on form, but with the squad we have and the money we’ve spent you’d not expect us to capitulate here like we did”

“We look shot”

“I don’t think we look shot. If we’d crumbled to a 5-0 I’d have agreed”

“Can’t help but feel very deflated after seeing us limp to a 2-1 defeat while Huddersfield go and beat Man Utd and record the biggest win in their history.
Two kicks of the football and it could’ve been so different… ugh”

“anyone seriously questioning Stam’s position, just 11 league games after a playoff final (in a season when mid-table safety would have been a success) is absolutely fcuking nuts”

“The football is infinitely better than most of what we watched under Adkins”

“Well, that’s a low bar. Many, many fans think Stam’s style is also awful.
I’m not in the Stam Out brigade by the way, but I have been getting frustrated with how poor the football has been, and have been imploring him to change it. Big improvement on Saturday, so let’s hope that continues. But until then, the football has certainly not been “good”.
If his side played an enterprising & exciting style last year and this year, I would wager there would be no talk of him leaving whatsoever”

“oxf*rd ref was a bit one sided”


By Roy

One thought on “View From Reading”
  1. We just seem to get better and better, think in the second half not saying we sat back but I thought how we started wed go on and get a hat full, our passing and movement is something else, reading were there for the taking, heard they were going to push on from last week’s performance well to be honest leeds made swfc look like real Madrid, think readings only bright thing all day was the away kit, well onto Leeds on Friday night not one of our lucky grounds but fingers crossed utb xx

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