Leeds 1-2 Blades

“SU deserve the win. Fair play they are going up I reckon.”

“I genuinely think they might win the league. Togetherness and understanding with a well drilled side experienced in English football will get you a long way.”

“They’ll definitely go close to automatic promotion”

“we were shite but credit where credits due Sheff Utd were class, wanted it more”

“Every time Sheff Utd had the ball, they were at the other end of the pitch attacking in ten seconds. Takes us about ten minutes”

“Sheff Utd look a good side to be fair.”

“that saiz goal goes in we all are happy, sheff Utd a quality team and will be up there”

“Sheff Utd bettered us in every aspect tonight. Saiz aside our recruitment has been pretty poor! Sheff Utd look a good side”

“League table doesn’t lie, Sheff Utd are best team we’ve played this season. Brooke’s looks a real talent” “Beaten by the better side tonight”

“Let’s be honest this is a really good Sheff Utd side”

“their british players wanted it more than our continentals on the night,something to be said you know about the bulldog spirit,but on the brightside a long way to go yet,although a gap is now emerging”

“Atrocious. It was men against boys.”

“Thought we should’ve won that. First half we poor, but second half it was all us, they had one chance. First half only Saiz, Lonergan and O’Kane were up for it, no point putting in the performance we did last week then sit off.”

“is that a wind up?
How many clear cut chances did we create then?
They battered us………..fully deserved win and should have been a bigger margin. Only Saiz and Lonergan kept them at bay.”

“What chances did they create? The Sharp one on one was bad defending from us. Yes they had, more shots on target but they were straight at Lonergan mostly. He made a good save from Sharp that was straight at him, but you could counter that with Saiz hitting the bar. First half we were dreadful, but second half we were clearly dominant. I can’t remember them even having a shot before they scored the second.”

“Sheff U were average second half can’t remember them having a shot before they scored” “The Blades had a few good spells without really reaching any great heights through the match, but they were the better team.”

“not a lot of quality from either side…..looked more like a mid-table division 1 derby…”

“Sheff Utd have some bang average players. Top of the league because they’ve experience of how to win. Not always about flair, it’s brains”

“Disppointed. If we can’t beat the likes of Shefff Utd at home who have just come up to the Championship then for me it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season.”

“Saiz very unlucky when he hit the post during our best spell…..that goes in and I think we go on and win, fine margins Still don’t think out of that lot and Cardiff I’ve seen two teams destined for the PL by the end of the season.”

“I honestly don’t think sheff Utd will go up they’re nothing special just 5 at the back wank stains”

“They weren’t good by their own admission. We beat ourselves yet again.”

“Lasogga? Jesus, at times its like having Viduka back. At others its like having Brain Deane back. No aggression, no fight, no work rate, no movement, no attempts on goal.”

“Fair play to Sheff United fans.. Turned up in numbers and actually made some noise, best fans at ER for many years”

“Sheff Utd best team at Elland road in a while. Best fans too, fairly beaten. Brooks is a baller” “They actually were the best that have come in a long time. Need a few more chants though”

“they were good and their fans were brilliant. Best of luck to them”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Leeds”
  1. Having watched the blades trying to get out of the first division having returned from Wembley defeated too many times
    And living in leeds.Friday night was special. A great Yorkshire Derby, I know the leeds fans would agree this is the kind of football any manager would be proud to own…It’s long overdue for a couple of Yorkshire clubs to be in the prem

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