QPR 1-0 Blades

“Fantastic result and a fantastic week for the club. Typical Ollie side when your backs to the wall you come out swinging. No one saw those results coming but just goes to show how far you can go with the right attitude and some solid graft. Whisper is quietly but this isn’t a bad side at all.”

“What a win. Hard fought and not pretty, but a win is a win. “At least we got her in the taxi” and all that”

“It wasn’t pretty but it sure was gutsy. We’re going to be tough to beat from now on I reckon.”

“Amazing. Hanging on a bit for the last twenty minutes, but they did it.”

“Showed some real grit to see this one through. After these two wins I’m now fairly certain we won’t go down!”

“ The team really worked hard tonight. For all the nerves at 1-0 Sheff Utd gave the ball away loads with silly passes and Smithies wasn’t really tested. Great 4 days.”

“Well worth the win. Great first half followed by a great work-rate in the second.”

“Aint seen a team that fights for each other like this before. Nowhere as gifted as the warnock side but team spirit is better imho.”

“This side gets well stuck in and are very fit, it showed as we finished out these last 2 matches against top sides, they were pretty much physically beaten!”

“deserved the win, it was a close game and the ref was crap but we got through it and shut shef down whenever they came close to the box”

“Not a game for shrinking violets, it was a tough, physical game. But we matched them every step of the way. What a fantastic bunch of players we have.”

“We didn’t play the prettiest of football tonight but we were fantastic. Battled from minute 1 to the end.”

“Brilliant win against a team in top form: just the kind of team we would traditionally get bullied and battered against.”

“Tough team United.”

“draws vs the bottom two, wins against the top two. Funny little league this.”

“How sweet, mistake by a Chelsea loanee”

“Goal of the season”

“hope the goalies OK”

“Agree, never nice to see a player get injured.”


One thought on “View From QPR”
  1. You’ll not get an easier goal all season. But fair play you worked hard to keep the lead. Confident it’s a blip as we had 4 players missing from our strongest 11. Fleck who was suspended and Duffy who’s been man of match for previous 2 games. Didn’t like one of your players staying down when young Brookes caught him in the face trying to get away from him cause he was fouling him. Hate that even if my own player did it.

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