“Doesn’t get any easier with Sheff Utd on Tuesday”

“They were superb against Leeds”

“They’ve been superb all season.
Do enjoy seeing a team treating away games as a chance to win, rather than ‘point is always a good result away’ bullsht.”

“Wilder doing a brilliant job and proving himself an excellent manager. Great when a team does so well as a team, no individuals or fancy luxury players, just a decent team set up well. Nice to see them back and carrying last season into this”

“He is also proving that Billy Sharp can still play in the Championship. Phenomenal record at every level he has played.”

“Should be non-stop attacking and a fair few goals.”

“Bring on Sheff Utd. We are on a roll.”

“let’s build on the Wolves win and knock off sheff utd next – nobody shld dare visit loftus Road after that”

“After yesterday I can’t wait for us to steamroll top of the league on Tuesday then win in style at Forest on Saturday”

“One win in eight. Two losses in nine. Winning Tuesday would be immense.”

“winning on tuesday would be mental. if we can get the three points then it would turn all stats on their heads”

“You can never rely on Rangers.
Depression after 2 away draw against the bottom 2.
We’ll probably beat the top 2.”

“if we play the same way tuesday , get in their faces , close them down quickly then we can get something , i watched their derby against wednesday thought utd were very good that day . this league has no real stand out team like it did last season so anyone is beating anyone , roll on tues nite”

“Full of confidence going into the test on Tue night, the mighty Sheff Utd & Leon Clark.”

“Despite all the doom mongering we haven’t been dominated by any team this season and with a bit of luck could have had another half a dozen points quite easily. I’m quite happy about this team.”

“Lynch is suspended so will need to shuffle defence for Tuesday night”

“Similarly, they have lost John Fleck who was among the six cautions handed out to United on Friday night. Not that that is any comfort.”

“Im not particularly fond of Sheffield United however they were part of my 2nd ever live game. 21st December 1963 Sadly it was at Scumford Bridge. Why, ask my Dad, he just liked football and back in those days Chelsea were a big deal not built on a Russians Billions.We parked in Tregunter road, why this has stuck with me ll never know, guess I thought it was a funny name.Anyway dont remember much about the game except that Chelsea weren’t winning and by half way through the 2nd half I started feeling unwell and drove my dad mad saying I really needed to go home, so we left early and apparently missed loads of goals.
I felt a lot better having left the ground and the feeling I got on my first visit to LR 2 years later was the other extreme, so great I’ve never stopped coming back since.
I dont like Sheffield Wednesday. Always get agro at Hillsborough plus its a pig to get to and from. Would be quite content to see United go up and Wednesday slum in the Championship, with all their fire power and big money buys
(Prob how they feel about us and FFP)”

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