“Surprise package this season are The Blades. Live on Sky on Friday night. Should be a decent game.”

“Friday is going to be a cracker. Sell-out, under the lights, two teams on top form. Expecting ecstasy & agony in equal measure”

“Have to be impressed with Sheff Utds brilliant start, should make for a superb game Friday night at Elland Road”

“It’s hard to know which Leeds side is going to turn up.”

“we’re still a bit all or nothing. Point would be okay”

“You just get a feeling that it’s going to be a very up and down season.”

“If we play with the confidence we know are capable of, we’ll win. Anything less will probably not be good enough. Sheffield United are on a blinding run and will take some stopping. Amazed this is on a Friday night, bound to be some booze fuelled bother in town.”

“So far this season, they have beaten the Wendies, Tractor boys, Wolves, Sunderland, Bolton, Derby, Barnsley, Brentford and Reading. They are not going to be a pushover.
Guess who the Blunt’s leading scorer is?
Yes, its Billy Sharp, 5 goals. I’m not even going to say it.”

“Assuming he plays. Billy is bound to score. Can see us losing this, a little afraid of our mentality in a real battle/derby. Not sure if TC will have learnt appropriately from wendies fiasco.”

“Who gives a toss about Sharp, our defenders, if playing on form are more than capable of taking care of him.”

“Billy shouldn’t cause us too much trouble in the air if he plays, so the young lads should be ok there. I have to hold my hands up and say ignorantly, I’ve no idea what to expect from SU. They have a manager that’s seems to be destined for greater things weather that’s in Sheffield or not.”

I hope TC sticks with the 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 rather than his favoured 4-2-3-1 system. Our toughest game so far, I think the game will be very tight settled with the odd goal. As long as we approach the game with the correct application we can blunt the Blades with a hammer blow. “

“We have a major problem at LB, and the Blunts boss will have been at Festa and watched this, their 3rd goal was poor on our account, Anita should of been a lot closer to him on the touchline and discouraged the pass, when the raghead got the ball he had 15/20 yd to run at him which was a non contest, cut inside on his favoured foot and slotted it home, Kraut is very poor in goal and should be sent packing, we need a GK and a LB immediately.”

“I think this game will suit us down to the ground. Sheff Utd have made a great start to the season and will come to ER undeterred by the atmosphere. They’ll come and attack us which will hopefully give the likes of Saiz space to wander in and work his magic. I’m expecting this to be a bit of a goal-fest but one that will ultimately see us as victors. They won’t shut up shop and I can’t imagine they’ll change formation/tactics that much just because they’re at ER – and why should they, they’re up there in the table for a reason. I think this will be a thrilling game, end to end stuff”

“Our little blip is over, I reckon theirs isn’t far away”

“Leicester beat Sheffield United 4-1 in Sheffield and Mahrez and Vardy never were called for, so thats something to offer encouragement.”

“I honestly think we’ll beat Sheff U, something about that game. Their fans are getting way ahead of themselves. We’ll show them Friday”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Leeds”
  1. Think it will be a great game. Don’t read too much into crappy cup game against Leicester. Both sides made 8 changes. We certainly ain’t getting ahead of ourselves. We’re doing ok ,but it can all change in a heartbeat. Early days , enjoying the ride.

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