Blades 4-1 Hull

“Sheff Utd are a team of men and they absolutely bullied us today.”

“Fair play to Sheff Utd though, absolutely played us off the park today. Clarke ran riot and we duly paid the price”

“McGregor — without his saves this could have been a record defeat”

“without him that’d have been a cricket score”

“Main difference was only one team turned up 2nd half, and it wasn’t us. Forget systems & tactics, if you can’t pass the ball and keep it long enough to put the opposition under pressure, there’s only one result and we’ve seen it again today. 2nd half they passed us off the park, embarrassing, they took the piss. If it wasn’t for Greegsy would have been much worse.”

“Just can’t comprehend that collapse
After such a promising first-half, City could not cope with the intensity in the second half and the floodgates opened. “

“We tried our best and that’s all we can ask. Away against a team 2nd in the league and in good form is always going to be a difficult day, but we still went one up and looked capable of bringing some points home.
No need to get down on a result like this, it was a free hit. Our season won’t be defined by games such as this.”

“They were nothing special at all … a bunch of average players but well organised and working hard for each other as a team. Of course we should be down after a result like this, and of course it could define our season. Embarrassing. Potentially another step toward a relegation battle.”

“Yeah. It’s almost as if we weren’t away against 2nd in the league who have won 4 home matches on the bounce and 7 of their last 8.“

“Didn’t deserve a point but we didn’t deserve that. Main difference between the 2 sides was midfield, they had one, we didn’t.”

“We deserved a bigger hammering ffs. Mcgregor made 5 outstanding saves to keep us in it.”

“You know you’re **** when you make Leon ****ing Clarke look like Ibrahimovic.”

“Glad i turned my laptop off at 2 1, I ****ing hate these bastards”

“Going down will force them muppets to sell their killing the club big time( even when in the prem )
in a weird sort of way i want us to lose”
“Another s**t away day with ends on a high as the wan**r sign making Sheff Utd fan is head butted by a police horse and falls over”

One thought on “View From Hull”
  1. Some times I think the remarks made bye other teem fans r looking at the wrong game -we won you did not jut sour grapes I think on there part keep the blades flashing Up on the blades

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