“Not a far travel is the sole positive coming to this match.
Sheffield United have certainly surprised many this season. QPR tonight was most likely a blip and now they get to rebound with an easy 3 points on offer this Saturday. “

“Can’t see anything other than a big home win.
QPR beating Sheff utd tonight has just made it worse for us, they are going to want a good reaction, and we are the ideal team to play, as we are conceding for fun.
If we concede less than 3, I’ll be happy. “

“Oh god we’re in trouble here”
“Ondrej Mazuch facing two weeks out. With Hector banned, it’ll be Dawson and Tomori facing Sheffield United”

“Christ, we really do have the worst injury luck ever.”

“Learning curve for milennials and loanees.
Dodgy OB, cheesy club song, knobhead fans, bent ballboys.
Ticks all the boxes.”

“Sheff U fans all look the same to me”

“Celebrity fans include Sean ‘Mr Versatile’ Bean and Paul ‘Interista’ Heaton.”

“Mark Lambett too. Looks like he’s had too many chip buttys”

“Saw him walking down Wembley way, face like a slapped arse scowling at anyone who looked like they might approach him – would love to have seen his miserable face after we’d stuffed em, the big fat ****er him.”

“2014 W5-3 FAC7 @Wembley Stadium all hail Sagbo, Fryatt, Huddlestone, Quinn, Meyler and the added bonus signing of young Harry Maguire.We only hate Sheff United.”

“Some deluded swine reckons we were lucky that day”

“Enjoyed the 2006 game despite not getting a deserved point. Still think that was one of the best away atmospheres I’ve been in as a City fan. Normally I’d have picked this as one of the away games to go to during the season but even with recent results I just don’t feel like I have the enthusiasm for it anymore.”

“We were robbed in 2006 – fat twat brought down Stuart Green – still bitter about that”

“March 10th ? 1971 Sheffield United 1 Hull City 2. The Battle of Bramall Lane. Sheff U first home defeat of the season, record crowd, three sided ground. I was there.”

“They reckon we kicked em off the park that night, bless em.”

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