Blades 4-5 Fulham


“What can you say? Phew….
Whole stadium giving standing ovation. What a game. Early days but we could be seeing the fulham of the 2nd half of last season again. No coincidence our upturn in performances is with TC in the team. Makes us tick.
Well done fulham, well done”

“We had 7 shots, 6 on target, 5 goals. That’s not like us!”

“For the first time this season That I can remember the opposition had more possession than us. We win away AND score 5 goals! Something odd is going on… “

“Must be the first time in many games where the BBC stats indicate the oppo had more than us.”

“Just like last season. Don’t worry about conceding 2, 3 or even 4 goals as long as we can outscore them, it doesn’t matter!”

“Great 3 points but my god all 4 of there goals were too soft. Button for first too were bloody dreadful, third took deflection so will let him off and 4th how he was left so free was outrageous.
That result will paper over the cracks I feel however we need to sort this out and we would be far further up that league and we were lucky we out scored more than we gifted away”

“To score five goals away from home against the league leaders is some achievement and congratulations to Ryan for his hat trick. Mind you we nearly buckled. At 5-2 with four minutes to go you would think a win pretty safe, but this is Fulham so our usual final few minutes wobble saw United score twice in five minutes. Thank god we had a cushion for a change.”

“This league is poor (although highly competitive). It is made up of so many average similar teams. Only Wolves are the stand out team and they’re not quite running away with yet! We’ve seen virtually all the sides now and can anyone name a decent side? Same old story but Khan has missed a huge chance to go up this year. Those 3 decent signings we so badly needed in the summer and we would have been walking away with it. BTW great result considering but shows all our weaknesses again. Even with in old days with a decent team we never win at Sheff.Utd (especially Midweek).”

“We were clinging on for dear life at the end”

“The players all looked absolutely knackered, so many games in the Championship.”

“they all tried and put in some serious effort (excluding Fonte)
But that leaky defence !!
Nice club Sheff Utd though – family club  like us”

“Had a nose at a Sheffield Utd site to get an idea of how they perceived the game and pleased to read many positive comments on our play. “

“Fulham are the first team to score five at Sheffield United since Oldham did it in January 1988 – the Pet Shop Boys were at number one back then”


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