“Tough, tough game this, and one I’m not looking forward to. Typical, tough, physical, well drilled side that we always struggle against, and on top of this, they are playing with confidence.
Not quite sure what they’re feeding them up there, possibly just good tactics, confidence, and a desire to win games, but at the moment, it doesn’t seem to be a fluke.
As it stands, Sheffield United are 2nd in the Championship, have lost just 5 games, haven’t drawn any, but are also joint 2nd in goals scored.
We should have a fit Johansen back, plus Kebaon, and an un-suspended McDonald, but, we will still fall short of goals upfront with Fonte’ and Kamara.
I can only see another loss here, however, would be delighted if we came away with another draw.”

“No way we can win this.”

“We have two chances on Tuesday, a dogs chance and a snowballs chance in hell.
Of course global warming may have hit hard in Yorkshire and hell may just have cooled down a bit.
There that is positive thinking, just wish I could think how and when a Fulham striker is going to score a goal.”

“I’m sure the players don’t go into a match saying “no way can we win this” and neither should we.  Ok, we aren’t favorites but there is always a chance.”

“The performance Saturday suggested to me our confidence is creeping back. Norwood and Kamara are finally settling in and learning what role they can play in our system. McDonald and possibly Johansen will be back, if not we’ve the kids chomping at the bit. Sheffield United are nothing special, certainly no more intimidating than Derby. Plus we’ve the advantage that they’ve not experienced our style before. They’ll think we’re bloody Barcelona!”

“Our away record is decent and we certainly can win this.  We played quite well yesterday, have McDonald to return and can give it a go.  Sheffield will be under some pressure to attack us and that may just play into our hands.” “I do think we have more chance after what we showed yesterday- more fight and intensity, players covering back defensively, and looking stronger at the back, though still prone to those  silly errors and losing possession in  defensive areas, which again cost us a goal yesterday.”

“We’re genuinely shocking with McDonald. He’s vital to how we play”

“Been our player of the season by a mile He’s Everywhere. Nowhere near where he was last year but so far one of the few to come out this year with much credit.
Classy player and I’d hate to sell him”

“Lets not lie. On paper we have a much better team than Sheffield United. So don’t know why people are saying there is ‘no way we can win this’ that being said it will be a very tough game.”

“Let’s not lie ?
Nurse he’s out of bed again.
But you just have. They are 16 points clear of us, almost twice as many points. They are more consistent, tougher, stronger, better coached, far better in the air. They have more leaders and fighters.
I shall name you Cyclopes, as you are so one eyed, it’s criminal. ?
They have scored more goals and let in less.
They know how to win, they have won three times as many as us, and they don’t bother with draws.
They have more Bolox than us. They are well drilled on the basics.
  Their players have more character than ours. They know how to front up and defend a lead, and they know how to win at home 7 out of 8.
Having said that, on the day anyone can beat anyone else, and I hope we can turn them over.
But to say we have far better players, that is blind loyalty.”

“Player for player we have better players than them, They might have more character, spirit and fight or whatever but footballer for footballer we have the better team.  Not saying it means we will win but is stupid to say we have no chance.”

“I’m afraid the game isn’t played on paper” “Stupid to say we have no chance……….I totally agree.

“Not sure we have a much better team though.  Toothless attack, centre mids prone to errors, some very questionable summer signings.  Player for player I think the claim that we are better is rather debatable.”
To say we have a much better team than them is incredibly short sighted as they have a team that have consistently beaten teams we have consistently struggled against.
I’ll admit now and say I will struggle to name 5/6 Sheff Utd players, but just because we have a few big names in midfield makes us a target for smaller teams rather than saying we are stronger than other teams who have been better than us.
But that’s not to say we can’t win, confidence means a hell of a lot in this league, and who knows what mentality comes out of the dressing room this week”

“We have the capacity to destroy them, and most other teams in this league, as per last season. Will we? Hmm.”

“they’ve had easy-ish fixtures but it remains a tricky fixture always and teams like Southampton have done the double bounce before. And of course they made Sheffield Wednesday look like they’re Bolton so can’t be taken lightly and if continue their momentum they could be the type of club that can stay in the 6 then strengthen in January too. It’s my belief they’ll end around 9th to 12th but look capable of pushing for top 6 right to the end.”

“I watched Sheff U against Leeds, yes they have a decent team that hassle and press, but underlying their success is cheating and a professionalism beyond sport. Perhaps I’m naive to think the game should be played with some degree of honor. The “he has taken one for the team” is a norm nowadays and fair enough if there remains doubt of perhaps a mistimed tackle. Not a rugby tackle. I don’t want to watch Fulham play as so many others do if that is now what is needed to get out of the Championship”


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