“On Friday night, we take on another one of the newly promoted sides – Sheffield United. Unfortunately, this newly promoted side appear to be doing quite well!
Head to head (Oldest to newest – from our perspective):
LWWDW – Not bad…!
Burton last 6: LDLLLW
Sheffield last 6: LWWWLW (both losses coming away from home)”
Interestingly, Sheffield United’s away form (8 games) is split 4 wins, 4 losses. 
Realistically – A loss is expected. But, you never know, Sheffield seem to falter away from home (a little…), and we have managed to look much better in the past 3 games. “

“Hanson–Clarke–Donaldson–Sharpe, a very aggressive front line, who are scoring a lot of goals –Brooks one of many talented youngsters making their mark.
Freeman–Basham–Coults–Duffy–Cloughi knows these well, Their defence a tough solid unit that don’t take prisoners.After Millwall away that match was good practice for another hard slog”

“Bring on the Blades and Mr Duffy!”

“Duffy is just what we need at the moment in my opinion. He can pick a pass”

“He’s the centre of the Blades team”

“Sheffield United won’t be easy.”

“its our home form that’s been very poor this season, conversely our form on the road has been good even before today.. Letting in 14 goals in the previous 4 home games isn’t good enough and nobody can deny that”

“Goals conceded at home is worse but we’ve scored more at home and picked up one more point than we have done away. “

“I’m not sure Brayford will be ready. I don’t think Cloughie will risk him till he’s 100%+. If he doesn’t there’s every chance we won’t see Brayf again”

“Brayford is out for another 5 or 6 weeks.”

“Brayf was brilliant for us last season but injury wise his signing was always going to be a big gamble and one that just hasn’t paid off for us. “

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