“Seeing as we don’t care about the Sheffield United match (Or rather I’m getting ahead of myself), what team should we be looking to put out with the players currently available against Norwich?”

“put out a full strength team unless any individuals are struggling with injury and you don’t want to rush them back.”

“At the start of the season I think if I am being honest I would have had us down for Three points at Sheffield Utd but they are flying right now, having watched them turn over Wednesday at Hillsborough in the big derby I think we have a very tough game on our hands this weekend and if offered a point I would grab it for sure. Already the Blades have beaten Derby, Sheff Wed & Wolves so they can play and are a real threat at home. Watching the Wednesday game gave me the chance to get a first sight of a certain young kid called David Brooks, man what a player this boy is going to be, he ran the show and is destined to be a real star of the future, we think we have some good kids coming through but Brooks is hot property already in my eyes, at 20 years old I am surprised I don’t know more about him but this attacking Midfielder or wide player is a joy to watch, lets hope he has a stinker on Saturday. This is another new ground for me and I am looking forward to it although I would urge any Town fans making the journey to be careful, Two or Three times already this season there has been trouble at their games, Norwich fans were attacked as they left the stadium following their win, the Sheffield Utd fans just stormed into the away end as the were leaving resulting in some being hospitalised and then there was the fighting at Boro where kids got injured so we all need to be on our guard, especially if things do go our way. “

“Leeds, Cardiff and Sheff U top three. Like a top three of most horrible fans”

“Definitely won’t be easy. In fact, struggling seeing even a draw here.
As Mike says, take care y’all who are going to Bakewell Tart Lane.”

“They’re a good team and the venue may swing it their way, but we got players of caliber and individual names that can make a difference. The opposition if correct have a unique honor in scoring the premier league’s first goal, however both clubs are at present, some distance away from potential return to the elite. “

“Think we’re gonna catch Sheff U at the right time and I think we’ll catch Cardiff at a good time too”

“A trip to ” Norwich in the north ” gives us our next opportunity to see where we’re at.
Hoping for a positive result to set up derby day.”

Sheff Utd became Norwich of the North after our 3-2 win with 10 men back in 2003”

“the usual pre match waffle from McCarthy, they are good, they will be up there, he’s done well,they have good players …………….yawwwwwwwwn. seems like every other team is good, and they will all be up there, and it that last bit that worries me the most, they will all be up there ABOVE US ! I really don’t see many points coming in near future .We halvn taken a good scalp yet this season and our current league position it must be said , flatters us.”

“How bad will it have to get before Mick switches our formation to match their’s?”

“Given Mick’s obsession with matching the other team’s formation, I bet we go 5-3-2.”

“Poor numbers for Sheff Utd away this weekend from us. Just over a thousand sold

“This can be tricky place to go and I still have rooted in my memory a most peculiar trip back in November 1971. Despite holding our own for the opening ten minutes or so it then went pear shaped as we ended up on the wrong end of a 7-0 scoreline. The train to London broke down and by the time we made it to Liverpool Street the last scheduled passenger service had long gone. The Station Master took pity on the dozen or so Town supporters and put us on the newspaper train. I think we got back about 3am. Happy days!”

“Fuck me, I hope you aint going Saturday LMAO”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Ipswich”
  1. You morons it is not backwell tart land bake elk comes from backwell not Sheffield we have the chip butty and your shire pud . Get it right

  2. Quite a balanced view there. Obviously don’t agree with the “top 3 most horrible fans”. Yes we have a few morons like a lot of clubs . Doubt if there’ll be extra police there. Trouble like that at the Norwich game is virtually unheard of at bramall lane and the idiots involved were rightly arrested.Home and away mingle freely before and after the game.utb

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