“The blades are running high at the moment in 2nd & in good form, lets hope its our turn to blunt their edge and break out of our losing streak.”

“Not sure about anyone else but I can’t think of a time since BC that these have beat us at home other than Calderwood in our 1st season up from League 1.
Although I’m not sure how many times we’ve played them at home since or if I’m right”

“We aren’t putting our chances away and the defence is still fragile. They are riding high on confidence and good at soaking up pressure and hitting on the counter attack.
So basically, they’ll watch us pass it about the middle of the park with 65% possession, catch us out on the counter attack and pressure the defence into making a mistake.
If we aren’t more decisive up front and squander early chances I can see this being the first heavy defeat of the season.”

“They’ve been the surprise package this season, look impressive. Some of their fans are already predicting back to back promotions.
As with some of our fans who think Warbs is going to drag us through another relegation battle, it’s 10 games in… It’s a long season in this division.
We WILL concede, that’s a given at the moment, but play with the same confidence we did Tuesday and there’s no reason we can’t turn this lot over.”

“the Blunts will score…..so we need to take every real chance we create. Going to be a tough one”

“We’ll need to score 3 to win…….we won’t score 3”

“Just finding it very hard to be optimistic about this one. Our standard operating procedure is to give away at least two goals to any competent side and SU look more than competent at the moment.”

“Having a rookie in goal and in central defence is costing us.”

“If Warburton was any sort of manager he would have had a look at what he was taking over and seen that we have two shit keepers and four shit centre halves but all he wants in is more in the midfield. I look at the team and in my opinion all round it is shitter than the team who survived by one goal so I can only see one outcome”

“They’ve had momentum and landed some quality players for nowt, who fit superbly there but ain’t elsewhere. Coutts for example, they were shitting themselves when they thought he was out for the Wendies game. He’s been poor other clubs, but Wilder has set the side up Davies-esq to hide player weaknesses, and bring out their strengths.
Wilder has done an incredible job there. He knew the club well before he arrived, knew exactly what was needed in terms of players & ethos, and coz he’s a blade they all thrive on him so bare with rough patches. Playing the “Sheff U way” with a blade at the helm, it’s their Fujkin G-Wot-Karate
Footballs a funny game though, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we span ’em over.”

“They play more football than you’d expect from a Sheff Utd team.
Only problem now is confidence. Teams will sense the lack of confidence and try score early and kill us.
It’s a tough one to get out of, we really need to bag a win here. A big crowd celebrating a win vs the Blades will do wonders for everyone at the club.”

“Hard to judge where the Blades are at the moment – they’ve carried the confidence of their promotion season into a winning start, but they haven’t really been tested yet.”

“I’d say their last 3 games would have been considered “tough” on paper (NOR, shw & WOL), but I know what you mean. The Blunts will go through a brown trouser patch just like everyone else – just hope we initiate it on Saturday”
“they lost to Norwich…Local Derbies can usually go either way, with no regard to form or quality and they got a bit lucky against Wolves, what with Coady getting sent off after just 15 minutes.”

“genuinely struggling to figure out how good or bad The Blades are, so I’ve no idea how this will go.”

“3 games in close succession, hopefully there knackered lol”

“Can’t see us losing 4 games on the trot at home”

“This is going to be a cracker and yes we will concede at least 2 and maybe more but a win is where we will be by teatime on Saturday”

“I saw SU in a local pre-season friendly against Eastleigh FC, they looked a class above them as you would expect but the players all knew their individual jobs and were really well organised and comfortable on the ball. I would put them in the same camp as Millwall.SU will definitely try to exploit our weaknesses which unfortunately seem to be quite a few of late but as always this is the Championship and any team can pretty much beat another on any given day however I think WM will try to stop the rot and play it safe”
“Didnt they beat Wolves on Wednesday?
I thought that was an impossible task? Did they not compare squad values pre game which decides the score?”

“You know billy sharp will score against us”

“I really want a win to erase that Cup defeat; that was so hard to take because I really thought we had it won and then the attitude of their ‘fans’.”

“Calvin’s other fans comments thread will be the least insightful of any of our matches so far due to the average intelligence of their fans when it comes to football matters.”

“I’d imagine if you did Ctrl+F and searched for the word “scab” you’d end up with 90% of the post highlighted”

“Going to smash these Yorkshire inbreds. Ureds!”


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