“I think we have a stronger team than the Blades, but we are due for a bit of a shock. We’ve won a few games against the run of play and taking advantage of errors. Premonition tells me it’ll happen the other way around. Blades play 5 across the middle and we will need a different approach. Like several managers before him (partic Solbakken and Lambert), i don’t think NES is able to mix it up and play a different game. Hope I’m proven wrong. But if not, well I hope Wilder gets MoM for September so they drop points in October.”

“A game we really want to get something out of, with Colin then up against Leeds tomorrow it has to be seen as an opportunity to reinforce our position.
Having not been totally on the ball with our game of late we need to focus on this and aim to bring it together more forcefully. The only way then is to go in mentally spoiling for a fight like it’s a cup KO game. Deliver, and I can see us grabbing all 3 points.”

“Think it’s gonna be a really tough game. I’d be well happy with a point right now, being honest. Not saying we can’t win like, but just gotta be realistic.”

“The United game will be a real test. Tough place to play and the crowd is intimidating. it will definitely show how far we’ve come if we can win there.”

“Tough game and I’d definitely take a point if offered it now. It really could go either way though, United will be buzzing after dicking Wednesday.
If we play as we can, we will win. If we play as we did against Barnsley we will lose.”

“Sheffield utd are going to be very tough to beat.”

“Really hard game ahead. Heart and head saying different things…”

“wonder how we’ll combat United on Wednesday.
get in and around them maybe?
they look a solid unit, not sure how they’re 5 in midfield sets up but worries me.”

“They don’t have any big names but they’re a well-drilled unit. We’ll need to be at our best to get a win at Bramall Lane.”

“Brooks for Utd looks a very good player”

“Brooks likes like he could be troublesome on weds.”

“Basham likes a *cough* tackle.”

“Leon Lard scored 2 to set up Blades win over Owls. Lets hope he reverts to normal form against us………but we all know whats in store !”

“They have too much for us.
Very good side.”

“No side in this division has too much for us.”

“No easy games in this division, just that some are harder than others, our next two away games being two of them.. “

“We have shown this year that we can win without playing g well. Its a good trait especially as we are a work in progress. We will come u stuck. Someone will dick us. It won’t be sheff UTd though”

“We’ve got an unusual formation compared to who they’ve played, and got 3 or 4 matchwinners who even if half aren’t on their game are still a threat. Plus we’re probably better away when the opposition comes at us.
Maybe I’m being too optimistic”

“People cant say we’re going to be a premier league side if sheff utd have too much for us. Theyve made a good start yes. But we wouldnt **** ourselves about ipswich and theyve started just as well.”

“The way that Sheffield United played on Sunday would suggest we will have a difficult game on Wednesday, but at least we are away, and for some reason we seem more comfortable on our travels.”

“Wednesday were awful on Sunday, and they played a massive part with their woeful defending.
Nothing to fear from United.”

“Sheff Utd were brilliant at times on Sunday”

“Sheff Utd were very impressive at times, they forced wednesday into areas they didn’t want to go nicked the ball off them and within a pass or 2 were through on goal, they’l try to stop us using our wingbacks on wednesday so we will have to come up with something. Hopefully they’ve used all their energy on this performance though. Brooks was very good.
By the way theres no exit at Leppings lane”

“That games wasnt any real bench mark. Wednesday were $#@!ing useless all over the pitch.”

By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Wolves”
  1. Blimey, opinions that are considered, intelligent and balanced.
    Come on Wolves fans, you missed a glaring opportunity to belittle another club, brag about your own team and leave the door open for a well placed egg to hit you in the face. How will this inspire the Blades to beat you?

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