United getting promoted is like a scruffy family getting invited to a posh wedding. They don’t know how to behave, and are getting all excited.You’d sit them at the back near the toilets, tell the barman to limit the Jaigermeisters and have to talk them through which cutlery to use, and when. The Wedding present would be a voucher for the new Trampoline park near Parkgate, and they would steal some of the flowers at the end.

“Not saying we don’t have our own scummy fans,( we do I have seen them a few times) but them lot do have a disproportionately high amount of em. “

“We are level on wins and we have won the more important ones, we don’t do the doubles just Wembley.
Older bigger better.”

“Never been so confident ahead of a derby , lets be right there now saying there the favourites because Paul Couts ( who ? ) Billy Sharpe and Leon Clark might be fit , now fucking forgive me but I hardly thing our back four are losing any sleep worrying about that , apparently they play attractive football ! I would be more worried If the usual bunch of cloggers turned up we will batter them no problem”

“if billys not fit that means they could be depending on Leon Clarke.
panic over then……. “

“Billy the pig will start, I happened to be out in the car on Sunday and he (Billy) was doing the ‘expert summarising’ for the Donny v Scunny game, no way he would have been doing that if he was out injured.  Fully believe Wilder rested him and a few others in preparation for Sunday, he’s a pig, Sharp’s a pig, they know their fans whole season hinges on two results”

“Do you think they will throw Chedwyn into the fray on Saturday or keep him tucked up at home..How much shiitt is he going to get if they do lol..  hope he does personally .. i reckon he could crumble.”

“They honestly think we’re bricking it over Coutts and Fleck? In fact they probably think we’re bricking it over their entire team. Of course they can win on Sunday, it’s like any match in the championship, you have to be at it to pick up points but I genuinely believe the experience we have will give us the edge on the day and in Wallace and Fletcher in particular we have players who generally perform in the games that matter the most.”

“I think that ‘pashun’ could overspill and if the ref is on it I can see them being reduced to 10 men in the first half. I believe we have too much for them in particularly in terms of movement of the ball. If Hooper is on form I can see us smashing them 4-0 or 4-1. “

“Wilder will blame the ref’s, opposing team, weather and possibly the freemasons when they lose by the way…… “

“After seeing that piss head Wilder ranting about buses and traffic and trying to be smart but looking like the cunt he really is, I want to smash those dirty scrubbers into the middle of next year even more now!”

“Hope we put the team sheet in at 1.59pm.”

“The way CC, Lees & SWFC have conducted themselves before the game is absolutely fantastic, calm, composed with a clear message. They all seem very focussed. They know how much it means to all of us, and are not been dragged into a war of words with the tin pot brigade at the other side of the city. We haven’t look rattled at all, with the mind games & sideswipes from Wilder and the rest of their brigade. This is the reason I think we will win, our players have to much class, quality & experience, and know the end goal.  Wilder IMO will be riling up there players all week, as a do or die sort of game, to the point were I think they will lose focus, discipline and overall the game as they won’t be able to compete with quality.  Lets not forget CC has managed in some big derbies before like Besitkas, Sporting. He is keeping his cool, unlike Wilder whose lack of experience in big sell out games is starting to get to him, to me he is like a rabbit in the headlights trying to please the fans at every twist and turn, but forgetting the real goal at the end of the day . my god I hope we wipe the floor with them, just to shut the, up “

“This is probably the most calm I have been about a derby fixture. Yeah, yeah, ‘form goes out the window’, ‘it’s not won on paper’, etc. Well, I think that’s mostly complete balls.
We’re playing well, we have a better team, they’ve been found out against ‘better opposition’….as long as we start well, we’ll be fine. “

“Just like every other jealous local club, stepping into the ring with Wednesday and hoping to land a blow is the pinnacle of their season. Couldn’t get more small time if they tried. “

“Blade scrubbers have so little to look fwd to, so no surprise it’s their only focus.”

“Nervous because this is their cup final.”

“They are a bunch of bitter fückwits, I’ve never given what they think of us a second thought. “

“Its hard to believe these people walk amongst us.
You can always spot a pig a mile off. Utter, utter scrubbers.
I remember coming out of their place that friday night when we lost and their fans trampling an old lady getting in through the away end exits, swinging for anyone.
The thought of going to work and seeing one of these creatures afterwards is bizarre.”

“That Sheffield United lot are little slugs, little slugs with no personality. They’re just jealous that we’re better at everything than them.”

“Wilder’s not stupid. He’ll have seen how Warburton changed Forest and smothered either side of half time. He’ll also have watched how Brentford harassed and quickly fronted us up.
He’ll set up to contain us for the majority of the first half and try and nick one. They’ll be very composed and any fouls will come around the centre circle and thgem stifling the quick kick. The score will dictate how the second half starts. If it’s 0-0 or they’re winning then there’ll be no change. Most of the scum will take a draw at ours as it keeps them above us and Wilder will be the same.
If we’re in front then we’ll see a different United. One scratching, biting, nipping and doing anything to gain an advantage. I expect Sharpe to fall over his shoelaces at least twice and he might get one of those decisions.
The longer we’re winning the more desperate they’ll become and I fear Carlos tendency to defend a lead with 20-15 to go may be our undoing.”

“Derby games are often hotly contested matches where the formbook goes out of the window. This one has baffled me as United have started incredibly well and I’m no longer sure who the underdog in this game, as often the underdog comes out on top. “

“We are in great form and on paper have a much better team. The nagging feeling I have is pessimism though because we have more to lose than they do.”

“Hope the blades play well and we play better. An open game, some goals and a wins for Wednesday and utd have a good season but finish below us.”

“Hate the game. If I didn’t have a season ticket I’d hide behind the sofa.
Its laughable listening to folk whitter on about current form, the respective squads, past history , yadayada yada..
It all goes outta the window, its devil take the hindmost and can make or break your week. A sell out with a few thousand empty seats eh?..bloody ludicrous.”

“Any team that comes up from League 1 with 100 points is not a “common all garden” football team.
The only manager I can remember making that sort of mistake was Bryan Robson when he said “Its just another game”, don’t believe he lasted long after that “

“you can argue the point forever about who is big and who is bigger etc.
If you put away the measuring stick (or whatever you use)
There have been 50’000 fans watching whats been well over a decade of turgid crap for the most part in Sheffield.
Wednesday averaged over 20’000 in the division 3 years (as I still call it) playing crap, dunno Uniteds, but it will be something similar.
Its not all about the odd “one” season down there, its years of mainly hopelessness, it takes some doing to keep the faith, staying constant and waiting for it to turn. “

While you are here…

An avid Sheffield Wednesday fan and friend of mine recently lost his life at just 36 to Cystic Fibrosis. His family have set up a page aiming to raise support for the Cystic Fibrosis Ward at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. If anyone would like to donate then please visit the page below.


By Roy

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  1. What a complete piece of shit you are if you don’t know anything about football or the people who go to watch it keep your thoughts to yourself

  2. That kid knows his stuff 100% wrong makes it even better. Love to have seen his bouncing cut short UTB ?⚪️⚫️?⚪️⚫️?⚪️⚫️

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