“Reed should be dropped”

“Why does Reed always run backwards towards our defender with the ball, normally followed by two of theirs, and thus crowding out our own player whereas a forward run into space would stretch them instead and create room for a pass”

“his running when we are in possession frustrates me – when Evatt or Kellet had it he ran towards them, closely followed by two of theirs, thus crowding out our player – why not run forward into space to relieve that pressure and create the opportunity for a forward pass?”

“tidy but too weak physically”

“rubbish so far”

“too weak. Good 5 a side player”

“Reed can play a bit but is Lightweight”

“Reed/Kellet and Rowley ran them ragged down either flank putting some great balls in the box that on another day would have seen us score at least on a couple of occasions.”

“Reed probably our MOM for me- best of a rotten bunch but at least he was trying to make us tick.”

“Reed always seems to be trying to find the killer pass but all too frequently it results in opposition possession. I think a better balance of simple passes to killer passes would improve his contribution to the overall team performance. The lad has ability but agree he wouldn’t get a sniff at rammell Lane hence he is with us.”

“He has already played well over 50 games for them.”

“Reed won’t get anywhere near the Sheffield united team.”

“Reed needs a big brute in midfield at the side of him to do the dirty work and allow him to play his natural passing game.”

“Tbh I’m disappointed with Reed and if he can be sent back in January I hope Jack would find better. A player his size has to be gifted and I haven’t seen it”

“Rowley is our player, we have every interest in developing him. I have no interest in developing Reed for the benefit of United.
Now if Reed were so good a player then you might have an argument, but I don’t think he is, and he also has a habit of playing like it’s an u18 knockabout doing fancy tricks in the wrong area of the pitch”

“Reed gives the ball away from over hit passes far, far too often & he’s the same every game.”

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