Blades 0- O Owls


“10 man Wednesday reserves couldn’t be broken down by Chris ‘Pep Guardiola he’s one of our own’ Wilder’s Barcelona team. Their bubble has burst. 12 months and they’ll be catching pneumonia in our shadow again.”

“A full team out injured, down to 10 men, new manager one week in…and they still couldn’t score at home! Made me laugh that”

“why wouldnt we be bouncing. They couldnt beat 10 of our reserves”

“Bless. They were expecting to win 10-0 and we spoilt their party.”

“United failed to beat a 10 man, mostly reserve team.”

“Can’t beat our second string, which was down to 10 men for the best part of 30 minutes. They are shat. Well done Wednesday reserves.” “F*****g heroes  11 players out and 10 men Sheffield United you complete set of useless t*ssers”

“They were going to do the double weren’t they?  They are secretly gutted they haven’t” “

‘We can’t wait..’. Idiot.  Can’t wait to see Wilder eat those words.”

“CHRIS WILDER ON THE DERBY: ‘We can’t wait… I’m not so sure that’s the case with the opposition’  Loved it Chris.  All gob. They’ll be turning against him soon enough.”

“Bless them and their thick as pig poo manager. An absolute match made in heaven.” “Awe, them poor ickle piggies.”

“The worst club in the football league. They think everybody owes them something. No class at all. They think they are a good team 1 win out of ten, and they still believe they will get promoted. The fans are hated everywhere they go. I bet they are smashing London Road up are i type. uto”

“The smaller club always makes a big deal out of beating their larger rival. Everton beating Liverpool, Tottenham beating Arsenal (although that is changing) etc etc. Shows how poor the league is this year that they are 6th in the league, that’s the frustrating thing. If we had half our team back and firing we’d be up there.”

“the first time this season I’m genuinely proud to be an owl, think I might grow a tash in homage to jos”

“Big pressure game and we find out we are not as sh11t as we thought we were.”

“Second best performance of the season after Villa away for me. We were organised, committed and showed tremendous fight. The organisation is particularly impressive given we were playing a formation we’d never used before. The boys can be very proud of that, especially when we were down to ten men.”

“ Best performance of the season.”

“What a game”

“a proper game of football. Under the circumstances, our reserve side and down to 10 men, it was a great result.”  

“Best of the season for me because it showed real heart. “

“Smashed it. No shirking tackles, no half measures. Essentially a second rate side.  Well done, Sheffield Wednesday. You’ve made us all proud. “

“Feels like a  win. Credit to their keeper at the end for that save. Was there any pig fans in there though I couldn’t hear any “

“Moral victory to us.”

“Our patched up, low on confidence team turned up and matched them.  Wilder and co looked gutted at the end. Gutted. Long time since I felt proud of them. Moral victory ? You bet it was.”

“Pride restored”

“ Pride restored: Proud: Proud of the support. Proud of the performance. Proud we held 11 men, two linesmen and a ref.”

“Don’t think they’ll make the play offs TBH. Lots of effort with little end product. Playing a high tempo game all season long is difficult . Think tey looked leggy at the end and we looked most likely”

“They kind of looked like us 2 years ago running teams ragged and then resorting to shooting from outside the box. amazing how we were odds on favourite in August and now breathing a massive sigh of relief at getting a point. i missed the first two goals at S6 so technically we are evens”

“We kept calm and dealtj with united easily. We covered up so well.  In less than a week we’ve got fitter, more positive and play as a team.  We can go places with our new manager. Well done tonight”

“If this is a sign of things to come, it looks like Chansiri has played a blinder in bringing Jos in”.

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