Norwich 1-2 Blades

“Well that was a let down after the Chelsea show.
Sheff were by far the better team so no complaints really”

“We played well in patches but overall it was a shocker. We seemed to perk up a bit when Wes came on but overall it was lethargic and lack lustre. Tettey was either by-passed or awful and Maddison was seldom involved and his passing wayward. Unfortunately it was a play-off 6 pointer so it will be Championship again next season. On the plus side it highlighted that we simply must get another striker and playing 8 defensive players at home for a must win game is not ideal. Sheff Utd were worthy comfortable winners and we can have no complaints.”

“First half they had 6 attackers in or around our box every time they attacked. Wen we attacked? 2 or 3 tops.”

“tiredness was never a reason for today’s performance.
It was rank bad. Poor passing even at our snail pace and no-one pushing forward in support.”

“Tiredness absolutely was a reason for today. Not an excuse and certainly not the only reason but a significant one. Physically and mentally fatigued, the team can’t possibly be at its best after Wednesday’s efforts.”

“We may well have lost to the bullying Blades even if we hadn’t played Wednesday”

“I am willing to put yesterday down to tiredness from Chelsea, and also Sheff U being streetwise in exploiting it, even when we were chasing the game it never really felt like we were going to get anything out of it.”

“With the lack of squad depth, and goal scoring ability (noticeably our only goal again was produced by a defender) given United’s physicality and more rest the result is not that surprising”

“Sheff Utd clearly did their homework and played better than us – simple as”

“I thought they were quite good tbf. To me they should be a bit of a lesson to DF about different ways to win games in this league.”

“no complaints, they were much the better side and probably should of had the game wrapped up by half time”

“Sheffield United as well won literally every second ball and looked far fresher and generally far better a team than we did. They were always in control”

“Sheff Utd are a perfect example of what “league one standard” players can do.”

“The disappointing thing for me was that Sheff Utd really aren’t anything special. They did do the simple things well though which is something we really struggled with today.”

“Sheff U were a typical workmanlike Championship side, lots of graft but not a huge amount of quality, they were just quicker out of the blocks than we were and we never really had the energy to claw it back.”

“Ref was a complete (unt. Sheff united are a bunch of poncey (unts.”

“Just one of those games, we didn’t play well enough, be it knackered or whatever reason, but Sheff did a job on us in that game, could have been three up in the first 25 minutes.
Wilder is in the same bracket as Warnok and Pulis. “

“Interesting that Wilder recognises today was an opportunity for his team due to our 120 minutes in midweek, and he was surprised how we came on strong towards the end for the same reason.”

“It wasn’t the best performance, but Wilder did a job on us today, took Maddison out the game and Oliviera & Murphy just never really got going.
Tettey, did great to cover, then made one of his normal mistakes during a season, instead of booting it out, regrouping tried to keep position……it’s nice to see keep ball but sometimes it has to be belted into the stand.”

“Unfortunate but credit as much as it hurts to Seff United they did the job.”

“that Wilder is a fat horrible ***.”

“Well played to Sheffield Utd. Deserved the win today. As for their fickle fans and absolutely pathetic manager… I really can’t believe how childish the manager is. Don’t know his name. Don’t really care. Should take a look at himself and grow up tbh. Clearly holding a grudge over a defeat for no reason. I’ve seen way worse time wasting than what we apparently did at theirr place. And theirr managers excuses for that loss were so laughable! ”

“Their fans love his passion and clear love of the club, which is understandable, but he is severing lacking in class in general. You can b

e passionate without being obnoxious – his comments after the last game were particularly grim”

“2nd win in ten ! Course he’s delighted , we saved his job”

“Bitter, bitter fans, they’re an embarrassment to their team, whom I actually thought played very well….they and the tosser Chris ‘the bus driver’ Wilder need to get over the bitterness and concentrate on your football. Banter it may be, but they celebrated like they’d won the league….and as for the over reaction from Chris Wilder & their subs warming down was embarrassing ”

By Roy

3 thoughts on “View From Norwich”
  1. You all seem to know a lot about Chris Wilder and our fans but if you really did you would know the team and Chris Wilder always go over to the fans after every game its called passion and being together. If we finish 10th or above this season it will have been a great season this is why the whole club is as one UTB

  2. Ha Ha Karma you bitches. Chris Wilder celebrates with the fans like that after every game win or lose. He is one of our own.

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