“Ok so Alex wasn’t really taking this game seriously with 8
changes but I feel hes cheated the 2500 or so die hard supporters who would only have gone if they expected something out of the game”

“I disagree. Neil did take it seriously but the players didn’t perform. I’m told he was not a happy bunny on that touchline.”

“Since the draw was made for this round I have been saying to my lad that I would take fringe players and reserves today and give them a run out, so I’m definitely not going to start having a moan about AN for making changes. Fair enough, we didn’t create much which is disappointing, but neither did Sheff United. It was two poor teams on the day out there today.”

“We need at our level a strong team core and to make small but meaningful changes to it.
Not 8 at once! The level of players we have are just not good enough for wholesale messing about.”

“We didn’t lose because of the changes so stop using that pathetic excuse. The team was good enough (as a lot of people said before the match) so they didn’t do enough to win end of.” “the team was good enough to win. It’s just we didn’t do enough in the game to do that. And as mentioned before – 6 of the players have been first teamers this season and moult, bodin and rudd could be as well so that’s 9 potentially.” “we were on course for a replay if it wasnt for some stupidity by Clarke, Sheff Utd are a solid side. “

“we were very unlucky to lose today poor performance by both teams set for a draw until Clark mistake we should still be in the draw for 5th round… but we are still having a good season get a grip!! Agree that we are not playing well at moment but things are not as bad as many are saying”

“I thought we were the far better team – it wasn’t a penalty- the referee was shite – we were unlucky – some (if not all) of the squad were suffering from upset tummies – the grass was too long – the Yorkshire air was smelly – the manager knows nothing about football – the lads are tired etc etc
1001 excuses for why are now playing a lot less attractive football to what was served up for the first few weeks of the season. THIS IS PRESTON NORTH END what do you expect?”

“out of the cup, going backwards in the league this the life of the PNE fan.
I really should be used to this after all this years. Nothing ever changes.”

“Another case of a big away follwing with high expectations only to be let down by a poor performance”

“Another dire performance from PNE.”

“Absolutely shocking. Woeful performance.”

“as exciting as every Prseton and Sheff Utd fan had predicted when the draw was made”

“Mate from work has just text me saying a rumour doing the rounds on the way home is there has been a fall out.
Few things thrown and a few players spitting their dummies out”

“I think Clarke got the ball, without much touch to player.
Absolute stupid challenge though.”

“Even if it was a bit harsh, so what? It was given. We need to get over it and stop blaming refs. Todays performance was woefully inept.”

“I’d rather be out than have a replay”

“Lad stood in front of us today gave Clayton Donaldson stick for the whole game as he thought he was Nile Ranger. ‘When’s your next prison sentence Ranger?’ Unbelievable stuff ahaha “

By Roy

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