“winnable I wouldnt think theyll fancy playing us”

“we have already beaten them once this season. Whoever does win this one could have affect on confidence when we meet in the league at Bramall Lane”

“Winnable but hardly a pulse raiser”

“For me, the Cup is about something different than the league. So, we either wanted the excitement of playing a Prem team or a should win match against a lower team.
Sheff Utd is a tough draw in football terms and is just simply not that interesting. It’s like adding one more league fixture to the season.”

“I fancy a draw, would be typical.”

“Someone challenged people to name a worse possible draw. I could easily name loads. Sheff United away obviously wasn’t the big plum, but it’s a really interesting game.” “I wonder how many ‘top’ teams millwall and Cardiff faced on their way to semi finals and finals.
I’m pretty sure we have only played Sheffield Utd a couple of times recently in the cup and both occasions got a big draw in the next round.
So either we take this game as a chance to progress further and unexpectedly get really far depending on the next round draw or we get a decent chance of progressing and getting a big team in the next round.”

“It’s a great draw if we have any designs on progressing in the competition and for the coffers
Beat Sheffield which is well within our ability. Get a few pounds for the pleasure then the chances of a “bigger” team and even more money are a possibility”

“The Sheffield United forum is almost a mirror image of this.
Lots of ‘winnable’ comments as the main positives above it simply being a boring draw.
Both sides deserve chucking out of the tournament for the fans being ungrateful bastards.
Both are good proper football teams, and whichever progresses to the next round will probably be deserving of the honour.
Why losing against a giant is somehow more satisfying is a mystery. It just reinforces the idea that we are small and poor and should be grateful for the big boys attracting a large crowd to see us battered. The FA cup is arguably the best competition in English football, given the number of teams that enter, we should aspire to get as far as possible to prove that we aren’t just a small team with a nice history.
Sheffield United are almost identical to us as a club in terms of infrastructure and fans. We should have the utmost respect for them and hope that when the teams meet, our team edges it, because there is no automatic right for us to beat them and it will be a respectable achievement if we better them on the day.”

“let’s face it Sheffield United are a much bigger team fans-wise than North End.
Avg home attendance this season of Sheff Utd is 26.647, which is almost double PNEs 13.811.
I have never liked Sheff Utd (always preferred Wednesday) but I agree with you that they are a proper football club (whatever that means), with passionate local supporters.”

“sold out now and we have asked for an extra 500 tickets”

“Imagine if every English football game was a tenner… “

“It just shows what decent pricing can do to an away following numbers wise.” “United have used some common sense though and charged decent prices for the fans, had they charged £25 we’d have probably had 1k fans at Bramall Lane if that.”

“Been there about 4 times but should hopefully make this one – its a cracking away day with some cracking pubs.”

“Spoilt only by their dickhead stewards….”

“Most officious and miserable outbound staff on the circuit. I certainly will not be going to Bramhall Lane.”

By Roy

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