“Could be an interesting next game in the league versus Sheff Utd. It’s a must win if we are to be still to be involved in the playoff hunt, could go to within 3 points of them!”

“with fatigue it’ll be hard to raise our game for Sheff Utd on Saturday.”

“Hopefully the Chelsea game actually boosts morale etc. somewhat and we can take it to an out of sorts Sheff Utd.
I just wonder what the teams going to be. Pinto looked out on his ** at the end of that and no doubt a few others were as well like Oliveira who has needed a rest for a while now.
We have a pretty well rested Tettey at least and the likes of Reed and Vrancic haven’t played too much recently. I do just worry we’ll be short going forward.
It might be 5 at the back (Stiepermann could come in at right back?) and then Murphy through the middle up top with the 4 man midfield (Tettey, Reed, Vrancic, Maddison) sitting narrow behind him at this rate.”

“I hope the recovery rate and their general conditioning allows enough time for those knackered at the end of the game to be ready for Saturday.
Pinto had cramp which shouldn’t preclude him from playing the next game.
Didn’t seem as though anyone picked up any knocks, so it’s then just a matter of overcoming the fatigue.
I hope Farke can get them buzzing to be back out playing with the same intensity and application”

“Think many felt that Norwich would take a confidence boost after the Arsenal game and carry it into the league – which really didn’t happen.
Fatigue is about the mind as well as the body – they should all be able to play 90 mins again three days after the Chelsea game, but fatigue often results in poor decision making and lack of concentration. Luckily unlike after the Arsenal game, Norwich will have a week between Sheff U and Brentford – hopefully this will allow them time to recuperate.
While it didn’t look like injuries happened in the game, although Reed did come off with a knock, fatigue injuries are most likely to occur a day or two after the game. So they may find some players have issues today or tomorrow.
Guessing Stiepermann, Edwards and Watkins will get some minutes on Saturday. But ultimately don’t think the result is hugely important as chances of getting into the play-offs are incredibly slim.”

“this is a hugely important game. Should we win another club that is reeled in and dependant on other results we could be within touching distance of the top 6.
Should we lose the gap against so many clubs gets nearer 9 points and winning 3 games more than so many clubs is unlikely.”

“I think our exertions on Wednesday may well cost us points on Saturday, but the long term positives from our performance could be considerable.”

“If we drop points then so be it. We have been doing it all season and if we are 

good enough to make the playoffs we will do it. Reckon Sheffield will be a good game as they want to get revenge for the defeat we gave them last time.”

“We will be on a high no doubt, we took a strong Chelsea side all the way”
“Most of our players have played 210 minutes since Sheffield United last kicked a ball, so it’s going to be unbelievably tough – especially against a very energetic “in your face” team like SUFC. Annoying because if there’s one game I want to win (other than Ipswich) between now and May then it’s this one.”

“That is how I feel too with the antics of their manager and some of their fans. A good match to win!”

“I think this is a really important game for us and its also one I badly want to win after the nehaviouer of their manager and fans at their place earlier in the season. classless t**ts almost to a man.”

“no love lost between their fans and us this season. To be fair, their manager wasn’t best pleased with us either…”

“Their manager was hilarious at the away game, by the side of the pitch and in the interviews afterwards. Comedy gold.  Hope we give him more reasons to lose his cool on Saturday…”

“Certainly wouldn’t want to chuck Marcus Edwards in against the Neanderthals that are Sheffield United!”

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