“Don’t know about rest of you but I’ve got a bad fucking feeling about Friday.

The one thing I’m clinging too is the new manager having 4 days with the team.”

“I worry about the CBs getting bullied by Donaldson/ Clark”

“I’m practically touching cloth already I’m that scared.”

“I’m fearing a hammering. Although they’ve been wobbling of late, we’ve been shite and Wilder will get them well up for it. Hopefully Jos will get our lads fired up and a bit more solid at the back.”  

“They beat us 4-2 at home when we had a much better team. We are going to get smashed”

“How many do we need to get sent off for it to be abandoned? Its it 3? I think that’s probably the best strategy”


“I am under no illusions that it will be a massive task without our best 7 players and others out. If we had everything fit, I would want a win and I’d expect a win. With the likely first 11 out on Friday, it doesn’t give me any confidence at all.” “If we play like we have been over the last few weeks it could be very embarrassing. I know they haven’t had great results but they haven’t played that bad. Our new manager hasn’t had much chance to get his style and organisation over to the team. We have loads out injured. Our best chance is that our team grow a pair and fight for their self respect. Hopefully they know what this match means to the fans and they turn in a Villa style performance. “

“Hopefully an impact JL has is the reserve / not automatic first choices will be more motivated. Carlos even admitted he struggled to motivate them (possibly as they knew he would revert to his favourites regardless of performance). Blank slate for all – we may bemoan our injuries but the players should see this as opportunity to make themselves first choice.”

“The best hope we have, is that he has managed to communicate a system that is well organised and that the players available, given a chance to impress the new boss, will put a good shift in, give everything they have to compete with a United side that will also be well motivated.”

“We are down and out at the moment with all the injuries etc. What will be will be with the makeshift side we currently have. I’m not even nervous like all the other Derbies past.”

“Realistically, we lose. But if realistic predictions always came in, I’d be a millionaire instead of struggling to recall the last accumulator I got in”

“If we beat them with our second team it will be very funny. Unfortunately life tends not to be THAT kind of funny for us Wednesday fans. “

“all pressure is on pigs we have absolutely nothing to lose Friday, massive underdogs our reserves not given a chance, so come on Wednesday let’s do this”

“Whoever we start, WE FUCKING OWE THESE CUNTS should be written on the dressing room door!!”

“We are fucked for Friday BUT all of the pressure is now on United for me it’s how they handle it. It’s there’s to lose!!”

“We’ve got everything to lose! It’s the Steel City Derby. We literally couldn’t have any more to lose in a league game”

“I personally don’t think this United side is the set of world beaters they are often painted to be by their fans and the local media. Granted Wilder has done a very good job there but I think they’ve got found out a little bit now and since Coutts got injured they have won once in their last 8 league games. I fully expect them to finish around 8th/9th in the table. That said, I just can’t see how we go there and win with the amount of key players missing that we have. Our first choice keeper, first choice centre half, first choice right back, 3 first choice mid-fielders and our 3 first choice forwards. There isn’t a signal side in the division that could cope with that loss and had the pigs got a similar injury list, I’d fancy us to go there and beat them handsomely. My heart says we will go there and a few of the squad players will up their game hoping to make an impression on the new manager but I just think that some of them are very limited (Butterfield, Jones, Nuhiu, Joao, Palmer, Venancio) and the pigs with a settled side should come away with all 3 points. My main fear is how much they beat us by. Really, REALLY hope I’m wrong but I just can’t see us getting anything there. “

“New manager in place, full of optimism! Yes we have injuries, but the players we have should still be able to do the job! Lets remember we’re playing Sheff United, they ain’t that special. They had a very good start to the season, there is no doubting that, but over the past couple of months, they have been found out. If you defend against them and don’t go all out attack, you can break them down and counter. Their whole game plan relies on breaking and attacking in numbers. Jos will know this and I’m confident he’ll come up with a game plan to shock them. Just like Bolton did. “

“Are we playing Man City? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Anyone would think so with dreary comments about our chances, we’re playing Sheffield Utd who aren’t on a great run themselves. We’re well capable of getting a result with or without Hutchinson.”

“Cannot believe the level of whingy negativity prior to a Derby. Seriously, anyone would think we’re playing a mixed 11 from Barca & Real Madrid. Does history not teach people anything? Form, favourites, squad depth, counts for nothing, as we have found out on numerous occasions. It’s f*****n Sheffield Shi*bag United, who’ve done absolutely nowt in the last few games. The fact we’ll have what amounts to nearly a reserve team out may work in our favour.  Suddenly the roles are reversed, it’s no longer the rich aristocratic ball players against the feisty local boys made good.  It’s us who are up against it and I think that may suit us. Congrats to the ones with a bit of positivity, but for the rest, stop this mealy mouthed pathetic ‘throwing the towel in’ attitude. “OOh I’m dreading it”, “Ooh, can’t see us getting anything”.  We will f**k em.  And if we don’t f**k em this time, we’ll f**k em next time and the time after. As the song says they’re “Dirty red & white ba***ards” and they’re going to get a f****n.”

“ it would help if we don’t let them go 2-0 up within about 15 minutes this time if they get an early goal our heads will drop & I’ll fear the worse, if we keep it tight for first 20-25 minutes you never know, I’m not confident but we definitely can win. hutch been out is huge but it’s time for these players to step up & make up for the dismal 1st half of the season .they owe the fans”

“We will win. No pressure on us at all. They are favourites and at home. Dead dog bounce with new manager. Players will find the motivation and JL will set them up well organised.”

“Pigs desperately trying to ramp it up for the derby. I just ignore them or smirk, it definitely infuriates them” “

Wouldn’t want any of the signings they have made regardless of the result at Hillsborough or league position.”

“There isn’t one player that they have signed that I would want in our team. True we are desperate for bodies as injuries are ridiculous at the moment but let’s have a bit of faith that we will sort that out before the next few weeks. Realistically we were never going to sign anybody this week when the new manager only took charge on Monday. I’d rather us take our time and get the right ones, fingers crossed we can actually do that in this window.”

“I know I shouldn’t say it but
that James Wilson is fucking dire.”

“Wilson is gash”

“Wilson had real pace but succesion of injuries blighted career. If he comes good now will be bit of a surprise.”

“Nah, Wilson’s a decent player but a bit lightweight and injury-prone it would seem. He was touted as quite the prospect a few seasons ago but his career has stalled somewhat. Blunts a good move for him considering their style of play. “

“The blades are just doing their business early so they don’t get fleeced when they sell Brooks for big bucks once his mysterious illness clears up”

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