“I don’t think there’s any win-win vs. Sheffield United whatever happens.
Even the U23s are severely weakened so it’s likely going to be a mish-mash of players who need games to recover fitness and/or form. Which doesn’t bode well for a fluid performance or even a hard-fought win.”

“If he wasn’t dismissed after last year’s shambles vs a non league team, it won’t affect anything this time either.
I would really like us to out a strong team out. Do we even have many other options for players though bar youngsters untried players?”

“Despite the nervousness we’re not going to go down. Despite the dreams of some fans we’re not going to get promoted. So how about giving the old FA Cup a proper try this year? It could put the feel good factor back into the club if we made decent progress. It could even earn us a few quid to make going up a possibility next year. I’m not saying no changes but may be 2 or 3 plus a couple of kids on the bench, rather than 10 changes and a shrug.”

“Mick is already moaning about having only 14 players available for Saturday so I don’t know if that means he won’t make his usual 11 changes & play 8 kids.”

“We have a habit of getting surprising results when team selection is forced in that way.”

“Considering the spate of injuries we’ve sustained over a hectic and disappointing festive period, I think a lot of fringe / young players are in line to make starts. Sheffield United will likely do the same, and let’s not overlook the fact they’ve been poor form themselves over recent weeks. I expect both McCarthy and Wilder are not hoping for replay here. A good chance for some of the academy boys to step up and put themselves in the first team picture.”

“Being both reasonably safe at present and following a run of recent form which suggests that a shout for a play-off place is little more than a distant dream, this season seems to have petered out earlier than in any other of MM/ME’s previous years.
What then could lift the spirits of the FPR faithful more than a little cup run? Nah, forget it, let’s concentrate on alienating the fans by giving them absolutely nothing to get excited about.
If things go to plan, Mick should inspire a pitiful and lacklustre home defeat. However, if recent years are anything to go by, someone will go off-script (probably Celina) and secure an unwanted draw so that the misery can be dragged out a little longer.Long live MM/ME. Long live the apathy.”

“I suspect Mick will treat it with the same respect as usual, but I think it’s in the club’s interest to look differently this year. If I was a Sheff Utd fan I’d expect 11 changes and then score an og rather than have a replay. But we’re in a different place.”

“it’s a chance for our excellent crop of Youths to perform on a bigger stage (as they ably showed against Palace in the Other Cup).
Then those who really shine can be incorporated in the first team.
It’s not like the regular League squad is demonstrably more capable of beating Sheff U (I was at that game), or at anywhere near full strength, full of momentum, etc.”

“McCarthy’s FA record is P-9 W-0 D-4 L-5

“Neither side want this match.. It’ll be a drab and boring 0-0 with the added insult of having to go back up to their place to relive it all over again in the replay.”

“I’m not spending £20 on a train to watch a reserve game for both teams.”

“Not even remotely considered going to this, pointless exercise”

“Sheff U will bring a coach load.
I hope we win or lose. I don’t think there’s any point in sticking the reserves and kids out and then them drawing. We’re injury hit enough without replays.”

“Sheffield Utd have a tickets purchased loyalty points system and this game goes towards there point allocation with there Derby game V Sheffield Weds on the horizon, I believe they have sold 700 plus…£10 a pop helps sway them as well.”

“Shouldn’t imagine that’ll matter as they’ve almost sold out for next weeks game and wouldn’t need a lot of points to purchase a ticket for a home game.
They’ve sold 900 for Saturday. I reckon about 7,000 there altogether.”

“fair play to the Blades having around 1,000 fans. Good support for the dullest game imaginable.”

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