Ipswich 0-1 Blades

“Yes we had a few out but Sheff Utd played virtually a reserve side and still we fail to muster even a single shot on target ? Not f**king One worthy of being called an effort on goal, I mean FFS, it’s the FA Cup and I know MM doesnt give a toss about it but 12,000 cared enough to turn up and that is what you all serve up you hopelsess pile of crap !!I suppose for 15 minutes we looked ok, yes we should have had a penalty early doors after Chambo’s header was clearly stopped by a Sheffield players arm but aside from that we got worse and worse and worse, a lack of cohesion throughout, no game plan, Eleven players who seemed to ahve been thrown together and told to go out and give it their best shot, and all this against opponents who made Eight changes themselves !!!

“We didn’t have a shot in 90 minutes.
I mean, surely nobody can defend that?”

“Pretty easy to defend against I’d have thought. Sheff managed ok.”

“We didn’t have a shot against Sheffield reserves!!!!”

“They could have played with a sweeper keeper and still have nought to worry about.”

“Nothing at all positive, f#ckin freezing cold, like watching a pre season friendly.”

“I don’t say this offensively but, does Mick McCarthy have brain diseases or is he just fully blind? Saying we played well without a shot on target is the worst thing you could possibly say. “

“You wonder if MM tries to wind the fans in every interview now.” “it’s like he had a psychotic break after Sheff U scored and was watching the great match in the sky, where we came back to win 5-1.
Everyone was happy, loud chants of “Super Mick!” could be heard reverberating round a packed Portman Road….
Then the final whistle went, he snapped out of it, and had to do an interview he wasn’t prepared for.”

“He is a narcissist in full blown denial, I mean to be happy with that you have be away with the fairies, on another plane of existance altogether.”

“That was absolutely awful to watch. It seemed like it was harder to not shoot than it was to have a go. It looked like the tactics were not to equalise at all costs in the second half to avoid a replay.
It seemed like there was no interest in winning and people had to pay to watch that. MM out his style and football ta tics if that what they’re called were not to win today.”

“we had a winnable tie today against a Sheffield United side that had made 8 changes, and Mick decided to leave his aforementioned preferred front 2 on the bench in favour of Sears who quite frankly hasn’t in recent months earned that right to start for us.
I don’t care if there were 10,000 or 30,000 Town fans there today, or if they paid £10 or £30 for their ticket, the level of contempt we’ve shown to cup competitions since Mick took over is disgusting. I could’ve perhaps accepted this is we were in danger of going down, or with a sniff of going up this season and Mick prioritised the league, but given we effectively have nothing to play for I find it staggering.”

“To be fair I think that was pretty much the best team Mick could have picked today apart, I suppose, from the front players. We should cut him some slack because of the injuries despite the fact that some of them may be the club’s fault e.g. not rehabbing Bish Hyam and Adeyemi properly. And it’s not like he sent them out with instructions to not shoot.”

“A limp, no efforts on goal, home defeat in a very winnable cup tie that could have led to a money spinning and exciting tie for the clubs supporters in the next round to disengage themselves from the absolute pointless nothingness that following this club has become in the last decade.
Going nowhere. What is the actual friggin point?
I’m starting to think that Town go into fixtures on the back of pure obligation and to avoid a fine for not showing up.”

“I’ve had enough of watching boring football, I knew like many others that we’d lose today against a reserve Sheffield United team. Totally disillusioned with the club, no atmosphere in the ground, unfortunately we’re known as a turgid dogged side. When are we going to stop being this crap”

“Crowd today was 12k. Lowest in what, 20 years? And i imagine the Blunts brought a few.”

“If they were blunt i’m not sure what we where!”

“12,000 was probably not the actual either and the bought only 1,200 which was poor from them.”

“Actually, 1200 from the Blunts for a nothing cup game for their reserves is a good effort.”

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