“We were very unlucky against them at Bramall Lane earlier in the warmer months, a poor clearance by Carson, an own goal by Russell that had us scratching ours heads in the away end, and a third on the break away when we were going for an equaliser after Bryson had scored.  So do we owe them one?
They have that Leon guy up front who’s having the season of his life, and seem to get results by playing a high tempo game with of course Billy Sharpe up front.  Paul Coutts got injured and he seems to have been missed. They’ve had a few dodgy results of late and have just lost at home to Bolton who have picked up a little recently. So, it’s a localish game for them, I assume they’ll sell out the allocation too.  So lots of dee dah’s around the train station pubs I guess? Plenty of them in the home fans only pub too no doubt, look out for flat caps and whippets, and cries of “how much?” We have a bit of a run going at home at the moment, but the games are coming thick and fast and maybe that could be a problem, but 5 changes at Ipswich and 3 points kind of makes you a bit more confident. Anyway, lets attack them and not let them dictate pace or tempo to us. Let’s make their back foot ache for 90 mins.  We are due a totally dominant performance at home with a few goals thrown in for good measure I think, teams in the league are beginning to fear us, let’s frighten the living daylights out the lot of them! “

“Billy Sharpe is a poor mans Nugent. The blunts want to properly gauge themselves against us. They were lucky early in the season. Winnall will sort this one for us. Keogh will be solid again.”

“We weren’t unlucky against them at bramble lane they deserved to win and we played stupid and we also surrendered midfield  they will be looking to do the same again, I really want to win this one and we are going to have to play well to do so”

“Win this and we’re 10 points ahead of them, with only 20 games left. Maintain our 2+ points a game and it’s simply not possible for them to catch us. Lose and that gap is down to 4, with everything to play for as we fall back into the chasing pack. Every game is a cup final now. but this game is a 6-pointer.”

“The Blades have really been tailing off though, recently and I suspect they’ll fade away as the season goes, they didn’t spend much money and are lacking in squad depth. “

“It’s the stage of the season where squad depth comes in to play and we showed at Ipswich that we can make changes without weakening. On the other hand Sheff Utd seem to be running out of steam and I doubt they currently have the depth to call on.”

“Who was dealing with their transfers when Wednesday swapped Butterfield for Winnall?”

“Reckon if we do go up then they owe a lot to Wednesday for the craziest transfer decision in the league’s history. Crazy”

“I remember when we considered Wednesday a ‘promotion rival’ Now they’re old gaffer is doing bits in the prem and they’re ‘unwanted’ striker is putting 3 points on the board for us!”

“Their fans think we will bottle it which is a bit rich when in last seasons play offs, their team of overpaid, overrated mercenaries were 1-0 up at home with 20 mins to go against a side who didn’t score a goal in last season’s play offs, and still lost.”

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