“Sheff utd are shit we might get a point”

“Sheff United have been awful of late.”

“Sheff U on a bad run”

“To me we SHOULD be strong enough to win at Sheff Utd providing they want as much as they undoubtedly will.”

“Next 2 games we have a real chanve to get good points on the board. sheffield utd have gone right off the pace and Forest away is very winnable. This is us of course so owt could happen.”

“Sheff U will play football and attack us. We may just surprise them. I think we will.”

“Think Bristol City will fall away and Sheff United have already began the slide.”

“We aren’t going to win”

“Cookie has gained 8 points from 6 games, carry that for the second half of the season will get us to 49 points. At the moment a better gd than the other 3 in the bottom 4.
I  feel that will be enough.”

“It’s not going to be pretty for a while so we just have to live with it at the moment. Hoping Coleman can do something in January both in and out. Got to get rid of leeches sucking the club dry…..one Mr Rodwell for example. How he can show his face in Sunderland is beyond belief. He exemplifies everything wrong in the current game”

“We’ve got so many players at that club who are incapable of showing one good reason we should pay them thousands of pounds a week.”

“Bottom team comes here runs rings round our ****e defence, and another woefull performance at home. We should have lost 4-1 yesterday”

“They try their best, bless ’em but cor blimey our defence looks iffy and our attack is pump.”

“until we get pace and enthusiasm in the team we are going to continue struggling.”

“We just don’t have enough good players to mix and match with.”

“Our bench is fucking tragic and I hope to God we’re not adrift by January. At least 3pts needed next 2 games imo”

“Could be a problem in midfield at Sheffield United on Boxing Day with Darren Gibson doubtful”

“So it is just the lower tier then? That upper tier was steep as owt as I recall – especially after a few pints felt like you were falling. Compared to some of the previous visits there it sounds like it will be like a morgue”

“I’ve gone over 2 rows of seats before in that stand, celebrating a goal that was then disallowed”

“Went to Sheffield United vs Chesterfield a couple of year ago and Annies Song sounded very good, bet it’s great on Derby day”

“They stole Annie’s song off Spennymoor Town”

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