Blades 3-0 Sunderland

“They are a good side to be fair. Worse teams will do the double over us this season”

“Oh well back to the alcohol”

“No corners or shots on target, poor defending…. letting crosses happen and giving free headers.”

“Expected to lose but not in such a hopeless manner. We were awful.”

“Men against boys
Clueless ,gutless,passionless absolute utter dross”

“That first hour of football. One of if not the worst of the season?”

“We play football?
The Father Ted over 75 priest team would beat us”

“Watched most of the 1st of in POC and the writing was on the wall after 5mins”

“we’re ****. We have to admit it.
It’s like having an alcohol problem.
No-one can help you until you admit it.”

“Absolute embarrassment but it’s no real suprise to anyone surely. O’Shea and Wilson cannot cope with any bog standard forward who is physical or fast. We’ve got far too may players who simply aren’t up to the physical challenge of this league- Gooch, Oviedo, Honeyman get knocked off the ball and referees allow much more physical challenges so we just concede possession time after time.”

“Sheffield United ffs”

“We were playing a team who had picked up two points in their last six games.
To lose 3-0 in the way we did is absolutely shambolic. “
 “We’ve just had the double done on us by a side that was in the THIRD division last season.”

“What have supporters done to deserve this?
Sheff Utd were 2 divisions below us last season FFS”

“Sheffield United done the double over us it’s a shambles”

“They have now utterly dominated in four halfs of football”

“Been following Sunderland since 1976 can’t ever remember Sheffield beating us once in a season never mind fucking twice. You fucking cockwombles”

“Disgrace. Slaughtered by a team of journeymen”

“WTF do you think we are? A well designed well drilled professional outfit?”

“Most of our players have played in the premier league. How many have theirs. Disgraceful.”

“I wouldn’t actually say they were that much better than us. Scoreline flatters them imo”

“It flatters our defence that it wasn’t more.”

“They didn’t dominate us like Birmingham did”

“Simple difference between the sides – we get a couple of set pieces and look utterly toothless- they get one and score easily”

One thought on “View From Sunderland”
  1. Lot of fair comments. Was expecting more from Sunderland to be honest. “Team full of journeymen” Hmm.3 centre backs 20,23,29. Midfield 24,23,25,31,23. Strikers yes over 30. Reason we’ve struggled recently is an extremely key player ….Paul Coutts ,broke his leg and the team became unsettled. A young lad called Lundstram had to fill his position,but wasn’t ready for it,plus regular wing backs out as well. Taken a few games to get ourselves together,but yesterday was probably the first match where we could say we were back to our best. We’ve no strength in depth just yet.Hope you stay up. Love the away days up there. Great peeps

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